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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hassan Skodeng vs TNB PJ Sessions Court Case

(Photo copyright of SHAHIR OMAR ~ MALAY MAIL)

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As promised, I headed towards the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court today to follow up on the case initiated by Tenaga Nasional Berhad against blogger Irwan bin Abdul Rahman @ Blogger 'Hassan Skodeng'.

Irwan is being charged under Section 233(1)(a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, for improper use of network facilities or network service by making, creating, soliciting and initiates transmission of any content that is obscene, indecent, false, menacing or offensive in character with malicious intent.

His case number was MS1-63-79-10 as posted in the court's notice board.

The press were already camped up outside the Mahkamah Sesyen 1 when I arrived. I greeted them and enquired as to the status of the case? 

They said that Blogger Hassan Skodeng was inside with his lawyer Jahaberdeen and Blogger Rocky Bru ~ Dato Ahiruddin Atan who happens to be his boss at The Malay Mail.

When I entered the courtroom, I saw Rocky and this Hassan Skodeng chap seated at the public gallery. Blogger Nuraina Samad was seated together with them and Sheih Kickdefella was on the bench behind them.

First time I am meeting Sheih Kickdefella and this Hassan Skodeng in person. We exchanged greetings and lawyer Jahaberdeen turned around and acknowledged me by calling out 'Mahaguru' :P

The judge had not returned from her break giving us chance to chit chat and get updated about the case from Hassan himself.

It was a small courtroom. Only space for two benches either side. Soon bloggers Big Dog and Shamsul Yunus @ My Anger arrived. We all shook hands and acknowledged each other. Esprit de Corps and all that. :)

I had taken over the space vacated by Nuraina when she went outside to make a phone call. Besides me was a reporter from The Sun. Rocky Bru was next to me and besides him sat the blogger being sued by TNB! What a bloody shame!

Soon, the judge ~ Puan Hayatul Akmal made her entrance and everyone stood up to respect her presence and subsequently sat down again.

The court official then went through the preliminaries and read out the charges against those being accused. When Irwan @ Hassan Skodeng's turn came, he had to go in to the area besides the witness's stand and stood besides Dato Ahiruddin Atan who had to confirm being the one putting up bail for Irwan.

When the judge asked as to what is the relationship between Dato Ahiruddin Atan and the accused, Rocky replied 'Saya bos dia!'...hehehehe...upon which a murmur went rippling through the court. :P

The judge then announced that the date for mention of this case will be on the 24th of November, 2010.

The court bailiff then asked Rocky Bru and Hassan Skodeng to follow him into a room to go through the bail posting process.

Most of us bloggers then left the courtroom and we were met by the gauntlet of media photographers and journalists.

Rocky Bru gave his views to the attending media and after him, I was approached also by Bernama TV, NTV7, etc. to voice out my views about the case?

After that, I chose to interview Sheih Kickdefella and Big Dog respectively to record their perspectives with regard to these latest developments where a GLC fails to differentiate between factual blogging and satire?

They did nothing when Namewee insulted and cursed them like hell in his offensive videos but somehow are so touchy when Hassan Skodeng pokes fun at them through his satirical post of an imaginary scenario of the TNB CEO suing the WWF over the imagined loss of income as a result of the Earth hour scenario.

I left the court after spending a few minutes talking to Sheih Kickdefella. Rocky had left to the bank to arrange bail for Hassan Skodeng.

Read here and here the Malay Mail reports about this case and comments from readers.

You can read the satirical post here from

Fellow Bloggers who blogged about this preposterous case are :

This Ramadhan is surely quite a challenging month for some....

No joke!

What a bloody sad day this is when TNB, one of Malaysia's major GLC's has among its top guns, those who seem not to know the difference between factual reporting and a journalist turned blogger's satirical piece?

Yet these buggers claim to be highly educated?


For the latest report by Malay Mail on this case, read here.

Here's a video compilation of what we who were present had to say about this unprecedented assault on the accused blogger's freedom to express himself using satire or a parody creatively without actually slandering the 'touch me not' TNB who pick and choose as to whom they wish to sue when in actuality the notorious 'seeming to be above the law' Wee Meng Chee ~ Namewee is not only left untouched, the shit stirrer so to speak is not being addressed at all by TNB whom he insulted as he damn well pleased through his You Tube video!

Not forgetting the Home Ministry which seems toothless to act against Namewee who is a Malaysian Chinese instigator but are so quick to arrest and throw into the slammer Malaysian Malay bloggers such as Bakaq ~ Penarik Beca and Syed Azidi ~ Kickdefella!

TNB gets insulted globally by Namewee with his publishing his video here but surprisingly TNB's CEO and its Board of Directors aren't offended by his vile curses against them??? 

This is no satire dear readers. The Chinese instigator really socks it to them right to their faces but ....none dare touch him!!!

It looks like there are double standards being practiced here in Bolehland, after all!

If the authorities really wanna show us that they mean business and will prosecute each and everyone who is blogging / commenting / posting insulting remarks irresponsibly out there, then they better go take a look at what many Malaysiakini commenter's and Facebookers or online forumers are blasting out as they please? 

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