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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sosilawati Brutal Murder ~ animation


Md Radzi Ahmad said...

MALAYSIANS mainly the Malays like me must be aghast to read about the gruesome murders of their fellow Malays, the cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others. This murder case surely rivals the infamous case of Mona Fandey than a decade ago.

Among the suspected perpetrators arrested are two Indian lawyers. The way of the killing was very brutal.

Our society has changed so much. So much so crimes like killing, rapes, robberies, throwing the young born, stealing, house breaking, breaching the laws are becoming common and reported regularly in the media. Early morning Friday my sons car was stolen in front of my house.

The question is what is happening to law and order. So much so as if there is no peace anymore. The authorities particularly Ministry of Home affairs, the Police, the local authorities are not doing enough to fight the crime. They must revamp the system.

It is a real threat to internal security. Ways must be found to step up the crime busters.

People are becoming frustrated with the situation. They can only hope and pray that similar incidents do not happen to them and their families.

Even the hangman's noose which awaits convicted murderers does not seem to deter or stop this misguided people from heinous crimes.

One can only offer condolences to the families of the murdered victims.

The question is what is happening to the state of law and order. So much so as if there is no peace place anymore. The authorities particularly Ministry of Home affairs, the Police, the local authorities are not doing enough to fight the crime. They must revamp the monitoring system.

The Prime Minister must not only took care the interest of his family and friends; it is his job to look into the law and order of the country, providing safety to the general public and its citizens.

Where else do we as citizens rely our hope?

We can only hope that the policing system which will not leave any stone unturned in bringing the criminal perpetrators to justice as well as a providing public safety. This they must do for the sake of the real victims.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Md Radzi,

I totally agree with you as to the alarming deterioration of law and order in our nation.

We, the public must do our part in maintaining the social balance by advising those prone to go astray through concerted efforts in instilling the religious principles and keeping alive our inherited social-cultural norms and practices that are in line with our faith and the adab/sunnah of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

There are many amongst the Ummah today who despite having reached the stage where they have fulfilled all 5 principles of faith in Islam including having earned the titles of Haji and Hajjah who let their grown up children live a life that is devoid of Islamic identities.

Their lifestyle often imitates those of the Kaffir and their socializing crosses all known forms of human decency, resulting in zina ~ illicit intercourse and all those illegitimate offspring being dumped here and there as they please?

The traditional Malay cultures which often are based on Islamic etiquette are now foreign to most of these young upstarts and the face giving ignorant parents themselves are to be blamed for not doing their duty in raising those kids to be responsible Muslims and law abiding citizens of this country.

When one spares the rod so to speak, one does really spoil his or her child.

Am not enjoining the abuse and torture of young innocent children here but only asking that we return to the basics of good parenting that was the foundation of our ancestors success in an era now relegated to the display cases of our dust collecting museums.

Just placing the entire blame of our nation's social rot and woes upon the strained shoulders of the Royal Malaysian Police is definitely a gross mistake and irresponsible shirking of one's own responsibilities to take care of one's wards.