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Saturday, September 04, 2010

TV3's Blasphemous Eid ul Fitr's Ad ~ Which Idiot approved this insulting message?

I just don't see what the hell TV3 is trying to achieve here with this nonsensical Hari Raya promo?

Are the idiots at TV3 trying to inculcate a Christmas like nonsensical ideas into the minds of our young impressionable children?

Don't they have a Syariah panel in TV3 to oversee the underlying messages or values that this TV channel is trying to impose on its viewers here?

Doesn't the Ministry of Information vet these kind of messages that seem to promote the belief in a Santa Claus like mythical figure when Islam's holiest month of Ramadhan is being mentioned in its lyrics and the old Malay man riding the trishaw is just so alike Santa Claus riding his reindeers into the self imagined scenario here?

What bloody nonsense is this???

Are you really itching for the National Fatwa council to come slap a stop broadcast order for this bullshit?

Are you guys over there at TV3 naive about Islamic do's and don'ts as you have portrayed yourselves here to be?

Where is your Aqeedah?

Jahil Muqarrab!

Pull off that insulting Raya promo and apologize to the Malaysian Ummah!!!


dinturtle said...

Ha... ingatkan saya sorang je terfikir iklan tu ada bau2 Krismas. That was my first impression bila lihat.

Saya setuju ia ditarik balik. Apajua yang kita anggap sebagai 'adat' atau 'budaya' sekarang mempunyai permulaan yang innocent asalnya. Contoh , lihat apa yang dah jadi pada 'budaya' angpow, 'budaya' mercun...

Kalau dibiarkan, tidak hairan jika generasi akan datang menganggap cahaya, pelita, beca terbang, angpow...semua itu sebagai sebahagian dari Raya.

ahong said...

Salam Mahaguru,

Maybe this is one of the reason why I dont watch TV anymore (only sometimes when there is news).

The brainwashing never stops. Muslims have becoming like a useless vegetable who will nod to whatever the media's trying to portray.

I am disgusted when I saw the video. Are they trying to promote some kinda universal religion? It seems like they melt all religion into a pot and serve it to us like we are fools.

I can see:
trishaw = santa claus (Christian's pagan celebration)
lotus flower = a symbol used in Buddhism
lantern light = Hindu

The Prophet SAW has already warned us not to follow the footsteps of the disbelievers.

Muslims has forgotten the real reason why there are such thing as Ramadan and most take Ramadan as a cultural event and the celebration of Aidilfiltri is no more than a type of New Year celebration (wear new clothes, asking forgiveness, get 'duit raya' etc...)

One thing for sure, I will never allow my children to watch TV. I dont want them to be brainwashed or influenced by its nonsense.

PS: even our Malay dramas is promoting shirks.

I like this post, double thumbs up for Mahaguru! Taqabbalallah minna wa minkum.

Panglima Perang Cyber said...


saya ada buat artikel tentang isu ini dan ada pautkan ke sini pandangan blogger tentang iklan tersebut.

selamat berpuasa!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum brothers.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm gonna follow up on this sacrilegious attempt by TV3, one of the nation's worst hedonistic promoting stations since day 1 of its operations to subvert the way the ummah practices our faith.

This is gonna involve legal implications thus I wanna just ask all true Muslims especially those who are bloggers to close ranks on this and work together to eradicate this Bida'ah Al Lawwamah once and for all.

Spread the message.

Thank you.

Md Radzi Ahmad said...

Salam Mahaguru,

This is completely ridiculous, Jahil of highest degree. Muslim must rise against this.

Harimau-Menaip said...

Long Live Mahaguru58!

ahong said...

Salam Mahaguru,

I got this info from another blog.

Please read this carefully analysed post about the advertisement.