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Sunday, September 26, 2010

US Architects and Engineers prove that 9-11 was an inside job!!! Video proof.

Well, looks like President Obama owes Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad an apology for stating point blank what even American Architects and Engineers are saying about 9-11 being an American Bush Jr Government orchestrated inside job!

I mean, those of us rational thinking people of the world have long suspected that the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York must surely have been a controlled demolition due to the way those towers came down onto their own foundation.

So, in this case, it is clear that for all the advancements that there is in the USA, such a brutal massacre of its own citizens planned meticulously in absolute detail and carried out mercilessly by those who still remain at large and conveniently scapegoat 19 Saudi Arabians and go on a rampage carpet bombing Afghanis and Iraqis on deception of them having anything to do with this massacre surely is going to go down in human history as one of the vilest things that America, the so called land of the free and home of the brave is gonna get plastered with very soon!

These are American experts in the field of engineering and architecture who are exposing the obvious glaring evidences of an inside job, not Iranians, Iraqis or Afghanis!

What does that show us, the people of the world as to the audacity of America's former President who conveniently devastated Iraq and Afghanistan under pretext of exacting vengeance upon those countries whom he scapegoated as those responsible for the massacre of 3000 over lives in the 9-11 self inflicted tragedy?

If it is true that those 19 Saudi Arabians were responsible for the attack, how come America is still so chummy with Riyadh and not laid a finger on the Saudis?

Not that I wish such harm to come upon my fellow Muslim brethren but the evidences of a CIA covert operation as far as carrying out this vicious brutal massacre and annihilation of their own citizens as collateral damage in advancing their global domination agenda screams out so loud despite all the media propaganda painting out Afghanistan's involvement in such a to the minute detail of the largest grand scale of scapegoating blameless foreign nations for the Americans benefit has yet to be seen in this world's history?

Let me ask you?

What the hell has Afghanistan, a country so poor and suffering from the after effects of the prolonged war with Soviet Union got to gain by carrying out an attack so grand in design and effectiveness if we are to believe and swallow such American hogwash that those mountain terrain dwelling Taliban fighters have it in them to go strike the world's strongest military power tens of thousands of miles away from their dusty mountain hideouts?


Even the cheapest B-flicks of Hollywood pales in comparison to the audaciousness of such accusations lodged against Afghanistan being responsible for what took place over there in New York on September the 11th, 2001!

I salute the fine gentlemen in the video above for having the strength of purpose in them to uphold the truth and see to it that justice is not only seen to be served but with this exposure bring about the world to realize that it is the Americans themselves who are to be rightfully blamed for what took place over there in New York City which even to this day continues to unfairly point the accusing fingers at Muslims and Islam for what is now proven to be nothing more than America's own worst crime against its own people!!!

Shame to those racist Islamophobic morons protesting day and night over there at Ground Zero against my faith of Islam and brothers and sisters of the Muslim world!

Go scream your insults at your own ex President and lay off the Muslims for God's sake!!!

That is if you really are people worth your worth in name and standings?

I know many fine Americans who are good, well mannered, outstanding human beings and it is a shame to see the ignorant blinkered racist and atheistic ones out there in New York making a fool of themselves before the whole world as far as blaming Islam and Muslims for a vicious crime that now is fast being proven to be the handiwork of none other but their own government officials of the past George Bush Jr.'s mis-administration!

Obama needs to do the right thing here and see to it that justice is done to the memories of all those 3000 over lives which were lost on that fateful day.

Be the change that you said you will bring to this world.

Yes! You can...if you really practice what you tend to preach?


ziarah76 said...

inside job!
US lie to the world like what they always do...

Esperalzi said...

19 out of 21 so-called 911 terrorists were Saudi Arabians, no Iraqis at all. Yet, it was Iraq, not Saudi Arabia, that was invaded by the Armed Forces of George Bush and Tony Blair. They should have invaded Saudi Arabia. If they did, I wouldn't shed any tears for those Wahhabis, I am never fond of Wahhabis or Wahhabism anyway. Americans, British,Israelis, and perhaps Saudis too, are the real terrorists. All three or four were involved up to their noses in this inside job. Them four were and are still comrades in arms for most of the crimes in the Mideast...

sirkuzx said...

wahabi or not they still our muslim borthers and sisters.. have mercy..since allah also give mercy to even kafir..