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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

By Election Irony ~ Progress and developments only come with the death of MP's and State Assemblymen or women!

Isn't it ironic that only when the incumbent Member of Parliament or State Assemblyman or woman dies, will development projects and windfalls benefit whichever parliamentary or constituency here in Malaysia?

I have long been observing this phenomena take place without fail here in this Bolehland. The minute any of the incumbent politician holding the elected post of an MP or State Assembly man or woman drops dead, all forgotten promises after the last election suddenly gets a new lease of life and all the government or opposition machinery gets into gear and starts heading for the affected area.

Suddenly, far flung areas become the target zone and every registered voter no matter if he or she is just a simple villager becomes a much sought after VIP and politicians who all these while had been too bloody busy and occupied with their overflowing agenda will make time and go visit every nook and cranny in order to garner support for the impending by election!

What a bloody show of hypocrisy at its lowest standards!

To the affected areas, it sure is a windfall and those with houses to rent out make quite a killing!

Rents shoot up skywards and reach tens of thousands of ringgits to accommodate party campaigners. Restaurants and hotels are the ones who reap the rewards the most with some turning into campaign headquarters and operate to the max 24 hours throughout the campaign period.

The way top ministers and opposition leaders congregate to shower the beneficiaries in the form of registered voters in every by election parliamentary and state constituency with all kinds of assistance and grants plus overnight approved development projects just goes on to inspire the other unprivileged voters to pray that their MP or State Assemblyman or woman will kick the proverbial bucket soon so that they too might get similar windfalls?


On to another topic concerning these often in the news group of politicians who never seem to run out of controversies to merit their mugs be published in the daily newspapers and appearing in television talk shows, I wonder as to what exactly have they been doing for their voters in the respective parliamentary and constituency?

Some of these MP's and SA's only seem to be hogging the media limelight but not doing anything for their areas?

Some MP's are very dedicated towards solving crimes by going ahead of the police such as our MP for Kapar had demonstrated recently.

Some MPs are much more interested in creating hullabaloos over there in Parliament by raising petty issues that serves no other purpose than to get themselves reported in the news?

Is that the reason why we elected them into their positions in the first place?

To fulfill their personal agendas and to pull stunts that even Harry Houdini would be too embarrassed to even attempt in the first place?

As the years go by, I sense that many out there would be praying that so and so drops dead quick in order for them to profit from the ever ready development projects that would materialize in some magic form or manner just out of the blue?

One anxious Ong Chew Tee of Hulu Selangor is awaiting his area's MP YB Kamalanathan to fulfill his promise to replace his leaking roof?

I sure hope that Ong Chew Tee isn't praying for a new MP!

Touch wood, some say?



Anonymous said...

Salam sdra Zainal Abideen.

Sebagai blogger kita juga bertanggung jawap menyebarkan maklumat.

Saya dapati byk artikel artikel yg baik di blog sdra yg blh dikongsi bersama dgn pembaca di luar sana.

Sayangnya artikel di blog sdra tidak blh di 'cut & paste'.Hrp kebenaran diberi utk saya berbuat demikian.

Terima kasih

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tuan APA,

Dipersilakan dengan penuh hormat!

Abdullah said...

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MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Abdullah,

Tuanhamba memang amat cepat nak komen :P

Saya sedang membuat kajian tentang isu ini sekarang, meneliti keterangan Program Transformasi Ekonomi yang sedang hangat diperkatakan.

Saya akan menerbitkan pandangan saya tentang perkara ini.