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Thursday, October 28, 2010

ETP @ Economic Transformation Programme ~ What Idris Jala isn't clarifying..

I am not anti progress or development as far as wanting to see our nation here become the best that it can be?

Yet I am not that enthusiastic to hear about the Najib's Administration to have more night clubs and nightlife entertainment regulations be relaxed and done away with just to grab more tourist dollars as outlined below : 

"4Events, entertainment, spa and sports: Malaysia lags our neighbours in the magnitude and variety of events as well as in our nightlife offerings. Hosting more international events and promoting a vibrant nightlife is necessary to attract tourists and provide a boost to the tourism industry."

Read about it here.

I have absolutely no objections with any other business programs or initiatives that are totally in accordance with what Almighty Allah has allowed for us and made it halal but to have this so called 'Islamic Nation' of the Kingdoms of Malaysia (9 Malay Sultanates) and 2 former Straits Settlements plus Sabah and Sarawak come forward and announce such economic transformation programmes to include what is clearly haram activities such as the setting up of nightclubs and relaxing of harami influenced shows and concerts is simply out of the question!!!

Why do we need to pander to such forbidden activities in order to earn tourist dollars?

Is Malaysia lacking of other natural attractions or cultural heritage that we need to resort to outdoing Thailand with its no holds barred nightlife and sin city attractions?

Is the Malaysian Government that desperate to prostitute itself and sell our honor just to earn an extra few bucks in order to reach the developed nation standards that are wealthy as far as material gains are concerned but to become a nation of hypocrites spewing forth all kinds of exclamations about us being an Islamic nation but with Kuffar activities as a major source of income to feed our families?

Where does this stop?

Idris Jala does not elaborate on this measure to have more nightclubs and nightlife activities when he delivered his keynote address about the Economic Transformation Programme in the videos below :

If you follow his speech above, you will notice that he just skims about the measure to set up more nightclubs and nightlife entertainment projects which will be set up in the area around the Central Market , KLCC - Bukit Bintang stretch and other designated tourist centres.

I believe that most of us do not have objections to catering for the tourists in business programs that are clean and wholesome. 

We can do business with them and provide them first class foods, cultural activities that are based upon our traditional values and rich multicultural heritage, arts and performances that are of the high quality and meaningful, crafts and handiwork that originate from our time honored civilizations, etc.

Why must we stoop to the lower levels of human moral degradation and prostitute this country's good name and honor just to draw sin seeking tourists?

What kind of so called Muslims do we have there in the Malaysian Cabinet under Najib?

I dare say this to Najib and Idris Jala, " If you guys go ahead and implement this as you have planned, be prepared to kiss your chances in the next GE goodbye!

Not only will all rational self respecting Muslims and others in Malaysia not support you ; in fact all ethical persons will curse you all to hell!"

All those who are supporting you now will no longer do so if you go ahead with this maksiat programmes.

Read here to find out.

Use your brains and do the right thing.

Stop this nonsense before it stops you!

That's guaranteed!


alunbm said...


Sebagai rakyat biasa yang tidak punya sebarang kuasa dan hanya kuasa undi saja yang ada ditangan.

Saya berasa sungguh terkilan dengan sikap pemerintah yang ada sekarang dan ingin bertanya arah mana negara islam Malaysia hendak dibawa.

Adakah pemerintah negara ini sengaja hendak menempa kemurkaan ALLAH?.

Sungguh malang sekali kita punya pemimpin walau pun beragama Islam tapi nampak nya mereka begitu JAHIL tentang hukum hakam islam.Nak harapkan para penasihat agama pun tak guna.Mereka nampaknya ambil jalan selamat dengan berdiam diri.
Buat pekak badak.

Dengan kuasa undi ditangan saya.Maka tidak sekali kali undi ini akan berpihak pada umno/bn.
Katakan tidak untuk umno/bn....
untuk mereka yang mahukan sebuah negara Islam yang dibekati ALLAH bukan nya menguNdang murka ALLAH.


savante said...

I don't frequent nightclubs and have never been a rabid fan. But the fact that you disagree doesn't mean we should stop others from enjoying a vibrant nightlife. It is after all not considered maksiat for everyone.

MAHAGURU58 said...


As a Muslim, one holds firm to the principle that all other beliefs or ways of life aren't in accordance to what The Almighty has revealed for us, mankind.

Just because u r not a believer or worship Him, doesn't allow me as a Muslim to say its alright for folks like u to do as u please?

Sin @ Maksiat harms everyone, Muslim or otherwise.

So, this kneejerk reaction by Idris Jala & Co to open up more sin spots just to fill up the government's coffers doesn't go well with folks like me.

I don't differentiate between Kaffirs or Muslims when I write for our common good.

A true Muslim doesn't let or allow others to go to hell just because they aren't Believers like him or her?

True, we are all Children of Adam yet we are all enjoined to look out for one another no matter what our individual faith's are?

rahman said...

salam tuan,


Sudah semestinya kita sebagai umat Islam tidak bersetuju dgn plan dari ETP yg mahu menjadikan Malaysia sebagai pusat hiburan malam. Harus kita ingat bahawa perkara ini bukan sudah dilaksanakan tetapi adalah merupakan pelan yg dirancang oleh PEMANDU yg diketuai oleh Idris Jala yg merupakan seorg Kristian. Sudah semestinya di dalam pertimbangan membuat rancangan tersebut konsep halal dan haram sudah tidah diperkirakan oleh seorg yg bukan Islam(seorang Kristian).Tun Dr M juga telah menegur ETP kerana terlalu didominasi oleh badan swasta yg hanya berorientasikan keuntungan. Kerana Idris Jala itulah kita mendengar rancangan2 pelik seperti judi bola dan hub malam ini, tetapi setakat ini kita lihat dalam isu judi bola, kerajaan mengambil pandangan ulamak dan rakyat serta tidak melaksanakannya. Kita mengharapkan dan berdoa perkara yg sama berlaku pada kali ini di mana kerajaan akan menolak cadangan tersebut dan mencari sumber alternatif ekonomi yg lebih murni.

Saya mencadangkan agar kerajaan menukar rancangan menjadikan Malaysia hub hiburan malam dgn menjadi hub serta pusat hiburan keluarga. Kaedah ini boleh dilakukan dgn membawa masuk Disneyland atau Universal Studios yg ternyata membawa pulangan bernilai berbillion2 ringggit bagi negara yg memilikinya. Usaha membawa masuk Legoland ke Johor adalah amat di puji. Lihat saja keayaan Singapura dgn Universal Studios mereka yg ternyata menguntungkan mereka pada tahap yg maksimum.