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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Lady of Malaysia is our DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Sultanah Nor Zahirah not Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor a citizen of Kuala Pilah!!!

To those who are clueless about who our real 'First Lady' is, let me reintroduce to you our Queen, Her Royal Highness, Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah, D.K. ~ Darjah Seri Setia Sultan Mahmud Terengganu Yang Amat Mulia Darjah Yang Pertama (Terengganu), Darjah Kebesaran Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Terengganu Yang Amat Terpilih (S.S.M.Z.), Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara (D.M.N.).

Her Royal Majesty Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah is our real First Lady

Our beloved Queen and Consort of His Royal Highness, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Di Pertuan Agong Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, the reigning Supreme King of Malaysia.

Their Royal Majesties reign at the Istana Negara, not at Seri Perdana, Putrajaya.

Their Royal Majesties remain as Royals returning back to their functions as the Sultan and Sultanah of the Sultanate of Terengganu Darul Iman once their 5 year term as the Supreme King and Supreme Queen of Malaysia is complete.

The one who is currently masquerading as the 'First Lady' of Malaysia is just the wife of the current Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Malaysia.

A common citizen of this country who by chance happened to become the 2nd wife of the premier.

So, I find it unbecoming for a citizen of this country to upstage and wrongfully assume the title of the 'First Lady' of Malaysia when it is our beloved Supreme Queen of this federation of Malay Sultanates and former British Colonies, who must be given that honor and prestige to represent our nation at the 'First Ladies Summit'!!!

Truly Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor ought to know better than to steal the limelight from her own Queen?

What bloody hell kind of a glamor seeking person is she?

I wonder how do our government officials and ministers condone such breach of conduct and obvious case of 'Lese Majeste'?

Are all the Istana Negara officials especially those who are supposed to take care and watch out for the dignity and majesty of our beloved Queen clueless about this blatant commandeering of the royal position of our charming and graceful Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia???

Hello!!! What are you guys doing over there in the Istana? 

Let me ask you as to whether the Supreme Queen you serve is this karaoke 'queen'?....

...or ...Her Royal Highness, the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Nur Zahirah, the Supreme Queen of Malaysia and the Sultanah of Kesultanan Melayu Terengganu Darul Iman?

Don't tell me that those who are supposed to be the Protocol Officials of the National Palace are all ignorant as to who is really their 'First Lady'?

Even a trishawman can tell the difference between a Supreme Queen and a commoner?

Do we need to hold special classes now on this subject matter and teach the nation as to who is whom?

No wonder that the Cartoonkini political caricaturist Zunar is having a field day with his lambasting the Datin Seri from Kuala Pilah for her delusional condition that she is the 'First Lady' reigning over this nation from Seri Perdana!

Where is Tun Dr Mahathir now? Maybe he has a prescription for such hallucinations. You know, some medicine to cure this state of dementia, plaguing the poor lady from Kuala Pilah?

Problem is...will she be willing to swallow the bitter pills of REALITY?

As to who is our rightful First Lady of Malaysia?

Her Majesty the Supreme Queen, Her Royal Highness, Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah....or the commoner?

Despite all such trappings and fine regalia that one adorns on oneself, one has to come to terms that phony grandeur and pomp or pageantry will soon come to pass and when the clock strikes 12 after the 13th GE, reality will come stare at her face?

The Ministries in charge of this screwup have only themselves to be blamed for being party to such obvious acts of treason and proven case of 'Lese Majeste'!

What a whole load of hogwash this government has come to end up as?

Megalomaniacs at large!

No matter whichever glamor crazed commoner tries to steal your limelight Dear beloved Supreme Queen of the Kingdoms of Malaysia, you will always reign in our hearts as the rightful First Lady of us all. 

May Allah bless you and your beloved family with the best of this life and in the next, Insya Allah! 

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! 

And to the 'Great Pretender', do us a favor and wake the hell up, will you?

We don't begrudge you being the PM's wife. Not at all. You can be the head of BAKTI or whatever, but please do respect our Royal Highness, our beloved Supreme Queen of Malaysia and accord to her the rightful position that you have unwittingly usurped, maybe out of your own vanity?

Our First Lady. The one and only Queen of our hearts.

Her Royal Highness, our symbol of Malaysian regality, Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Seri Paduka Baginda, Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah.

Long live our Queen. Our real and true FIRST LADY!!!



SangGuna said...

salam Tuan,
100% true
In fact I'm getting sick of looking this 'pretender' each and every prime time news on local tv almost everyday.
I wonder if she is busier than our PM and some times there is reasonable when some people said whos in charge now? PM or his ....

Fareez Mansur said...

Salam Mahaguru,

Daulat Tuanku!

Setuju sangat, spot on. Saya bukannya dengki dia PM's wife, tapi kata oraang berpada-padalah. Ini semua gelaran DUNIA sahaja, akhirat jua yang kekal selamanya.


nalapambu said...

Satu posting yang sangat menarik - satu olahan dari idea yang bijak dan bernas.

Mohon kebenaran tuan posting ini di siarkan dalam laman blog saya.

Tahniah dan Terima Kasih.

Esperalzi said...

My God! You are so much ahead of me Mahaguru! I was going to write about this issue here or elsewhere but you have done it first! I am so disappointed! Hahaha! Just kidding! I am actually glad that you write it.

Rosmah Mansor is not the First Lady of Malaysia, and for that matter, no wife of any Malaysian Prime Minister was, is, or ever will be Malaysia's First Lady. That distinction belongs to the Raja Permaisuri Agung or the Queen of Malaysia...always!

I slightly disagree with you that being the First Lady of Malaysia has anything to do with royalty. I think it has more to do with the system..

Standard practice is that the First Lady of any country is the wife or consort of the Head of State. Not the wife of the Head of Government. In countries with Presidents, whether an elected President (as in US or France)or an unelected figurehead ceremonial President (as in Singapore and India, the President is always the Head of State, so his wife is the First Lady.

In a Monarchy, constitutional or absolute, with or without the office of the Prime Minister,the Monarch is always the First Gentleman because he is the Head of State, so his Queen is the First Lady, not the PM's

Malaysia is an example of the Monarch. Najib Tun Razak as PM is Head of Government, not Head of State. So his wife Rosmah Mansor cannot be the First Lady of Malaysia even if in her figment of imagination she thinks she is the First Lady.

The First Lady of Malaysia is the wife of Malaysia's Head of State who is the King or Yang DiPertuan Agong. The First Lady of Malaysia is therefore, resoundingly, the Raja Permaisuri Agong (the Queen of Malaysia)..

Some people still do not know their proper places in society..

hamsor said...

pompuan kuala pilah nie dah tak boleh di perbetulkan..

biarlah makjan luncai terjun dengan labu2 nya..

Uncle Seven said...

True indeed, even we sarawakian knows who is our First Lady..
Dont blame people when UMNO lost at the next G.E, blame it on themself, i.e what has Rosmah has been done here for example...may this kind of act that make people fed-up...

Reza Pahlavi said...

Salam Mahaguru,

Reminds me of about a decade ago where one minister insisted on using the word 'kecapaian' in the Tema Hari Kebangsaan, despite that the meaning of 'kecapaian' is negative in nature. But even when DBP put the matter to court, the term 'kecapaian' stays as Tema Hari Kebangsaan in the year 1996.

Sadly in Malaysia, erroneous information can be enforced as true facts or 'gospel truth'.

alunbm said...

Sifat perasan bagus segalanya dan suka menunjuk nunjuk membuatkan orang merasa jelik dan tak peduli apa orang kata.Tunggulah!
Sampai masanya jatuh seperti buah nangka busuk. Gedebuk...itu jam tak sapa pedulik lagi.

zulkifli said...

Kita seharusnya menangisi apa yang terjadi
apabila orang tak layak mengaku dia 'first lady'
dia dan suami tidak sedar rakyat benci
sikapnya tergedik gedik menonjolkan diri
serupa kaduk naik junjung dan menyamar sebagai naga si-ular lidi
makin dilihat makin ramai semakin gelihati campur benci
gelagatnya yang bersikap hidung tinggi
menganjurkan persidangan first lady
yang mendapt sambutan dingin sebagai salji
kita berdoa cepatlah dia sedar diri
bahawa dia bukannya sebagai 'first lady'
tetapi cuma isteri seorang Perdana Menteri

sri hartamas

nasrul79 said...

Betul dan setuju, sebenarnya Tuanku Permaisuri Nur Zahirah adalah wanita pertama yang sebenarnya. kot iyee pun Datin Rosmah ni panggillah dan jemputlah Tuanku Permaisuri, ni tidak tak dipanggilnya.

aku kalau keluar cerita dia (Datin Rosmah) dalam berita memang aku malas nak dengar pun. isteri PM lain sebelum ni aku tak pernah macam dia pun (nak tunjuk first lady)


Esperalzi said...

Sidang Kemuncak Wanita Pertama a.k.a First Ladies Summit.

What a grand title to a useless "summit" that only 15 or 16 First Ladies of that many countries attended out of a total of over 180 countries of the world..

What do these First Ladies hope to achieve after the "summit"? Pester their powerful power-wielding husbands to change national policies on the summit's favorite topics? If they do that, they are poking their noses into where they don't belong, they'd be interfering in the affairs of the state and the government.

And at any rate, I don't see the Michelle Obamas, the Carla Brunis or even the Kristiani Yudhoyonos attending this tiny weeny big-name little "summit". The 15 or so First Ladies are mostly from obscure-sounding and back-burner African countries...

nasi ayam said...

Datin Rosmah ni adalah liabiliti kepada BN.
Please someone tell her to stop wasting government money,dia ni bukan sapa-sapa pon.
Kenapa sekarang ni hari hari nampak wajah dia bg ucapan di TV?
Menteri ke dia ni?
haih.. PM Najib, really she is your liability now.

Khairul Fahmi said...

ini apa bendanya tuan Mahaguru, apa yg membuat tuan Mahaguru marah sangat nih???
Ini isu duniawi sahaja tuan Mahaguru, saya tak nampak relevan perkara ini harus dihebah2kan dan dibesar2kan oleh orang yg berstatuskan tuan Mahaguru, seperti kata Najib "it's academic"
Bagi saya biarlah jika si Rosmah kepingin dan berkehendakkan gelaran itu, dia layak atau tidak dia punya pasal...biar lincai terjun dgn labu2nya...biarkan, biarkan...
takkan menaikkan ilmu kita pun...
seperti tuan Mahaguru, saya juga tidak bersetuju dgn Rosmah, cukup dengan statement tidak bersetuju dan tak payah nak meleret berhujah "till the cow come home"...
jangan marah nooo tuan Mahaguru...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Khairul Fahmi,

Mengambil sikap biarkan biarkan macam sindrom Si Luncai dengan labu labunya akan mendatangkan hasil pada Pilihanraya ke 13 nanti.

Khairul Fahmi tengok sajalah akan natijah membiarkan RM ni melingkopkan masadepan anak bangsa.

Saya dah tulis luahkan rasa.

Terpulanglah pada warga 1Malaysia untuk memikirkan baik buruknya membiarkan manusia itu buat sesuka hatinya.

Kadang kadang terfikir juga buat apa lah aku nak nasihat puak puak ni?

Biarkan saja mereka tenggelam dengan ego masing masing....

Tetapi tak pula sampai hati...

Ini bumi tanahair aku juga, makanya jatuh wajib aku menasihati pada yang mahu mendengar?

Yang degil kepala kematu...lantaklah!


Berani ke nak tanggung padahnya?

Hamba belum marah lagi ni..

Sekadar meluahkan rasa..:)

Felix said...

It is my understanding that the term "First Lady" is an American term one that is tagged to the wife of the wife of the incumbent Leader (President) of the Country when one considers matters strictly concerning with Political Rule of the Land (i.e. the incumbent Government/Party). It was a term that was coined to be used for addressing the spouse of the President (man or woman) - That is to say that is the President was a woman then that person would be called Mrs. President and out of respect the incumbent husband would be called "First Gentleman" - this did not take place as I would have liked to see it happen if Hillary Clinton became the First woman President of the United States of America in which case Mr. Bill Clinton would be referred to as "First Gentleman" and they would have made a history as the first married couple to both serve as Presidents of the United States of America - well theres always 2012/2016. Anyway I digress... lets get back to the real issue... what should the Queen of Malaysia DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda, Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Sultanah Nur Zahirah be called...

It is my opinion that The Queen of Malaysia should be called "Our Supreme Lady, Queen of All Malaysia" or if thats too difficult and too much of mouthful how about just simply "The Queen"..... Personally, I like "The Supreme Lady" ... I think that any of these will certainly do DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong justice and place First Lady Rosmah in respectful standing with DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong.