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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Insya Allah! Muslims must never give up when facing the Fitnah of the Akhirul Zaman!

The song by Maher Zain here reminds me not to give up in my mission to help my fellow Muslims and those who live besides us to uphold the truth about Islam and to persevere against all kinds of Fitnah plaguing us in these End Times!

I met one of my friends from the top leadership of PAS yesterday, who has been accused of having committed adultery by a fellow blogger.

The reason I went to see this politician friend of mine was to hear what he has to say about this most vicious fitnah which will render his whole life and that of his family asunder and destroy so many lives which are interconnected with him if this was proven to be true?


Zina is not something one jokes about?

It is a very serious major sin and the punishment for one who engages in it is fatal if one is already married and has breached the trust and solemn promise to stay true to one's spouse!

He told me face to face that Wallahi ..he has not done such an abhor-able sin!


Now the onus is on the accuser to bring forth his proof and evidence to implicate the accused.

I just can't watch from the sidelines and see this turn of events destroy those who are close to me and considered to be my friends.

I feel very sad to see all these happen but as they say, we can only advice those who want to listen to good advice when it is given?

If the accuser is found to have lied in his accusation, the Syaria Laws if implemented to the letter will see him or her be flogged 80 times as the apt punishment and damages be paid to the plaintiff?

This is now going to be a major scandal or case that's going to harm both parties whether the person accusing the said politician retracts his article and apologizes to the man himself either publicly or in person?

Problem is, the accusation is now online for all to see and God knows as to who has recorded and printed such accusations out to be used against either party?

Que sera sera.

Whatever will be..will be!

And its not going to be a pretty sight!!!



badtamperman said...

Just report it to the Police like Rais did. Then Sumpah Mubahalah.

MAHAGURU58 said...

I have advised the victim of this fitnah to do exactly that ~ lodge a police report and use the legal procedures in clearing his name.

Its up to the party concerned to initiate such an action.

We can only advice. The action has to come from him.

He says that he wants to challenge the accusing blogger to publish the said video if he really has such evidence?