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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political Frankensteins ~ Malaysian Politicians who wish to survive

Political Frankensteins!

This is what I figured out when I read today's newspapers covering the ongoing UMNO Convention at the Putra World Trade Centre in KL.

We read about the UMNO Youth leader raising his finger and demanding that the University and Colleges Act be repealed so that students can actively participate in the politics of this country!


What has he done for the country since he was elected in a highly disputed manner to lead UMNO Youth?

Not much that I can think of?

He was pretty silent and played safe when Islam and Muslims were bashed by our enemies on and offline?

I had personally asked him face to face about what the government is doing to handle attacks and insults against Islam in anti-government media such as Malaysiakini and others when I came across him in the sabotaged Anti 50 Aussie MP's protest at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng?

He gave a response that came across as a half hearted feeble excuse that complaints should be forwarded to the relevant agencies...

Nothing that was helpful, really.

More of a blatant attempt in playing safe so as not to get into hot soup.

Khairy Jamaludin has not really been an UMNO Youth Chief that we can be proud of being there in the forefront to handle or tackle Anti Islam or even Anti Malay issues brought about by the Opposition.

We have not seen him take the bull by its horns so to speak when it came to championing Muslim or Malay rights when foulmouthed individuals such as Namewee insulted and denigrated both issues as he damn well pleased through his You Tube rants and raves raising his middle fingers at both institutions and even went on to raise hell against everything we hold near and dear to us?

Instead we see people like Armand Azha of Wira Perkasa coming to the fore and doing what people like Khairy should be doing?

UMNO Youth has become like a spent force nowadays with weak leaders such as Khairy being there only when he feels its safe for him to do so but disappearing from the scene when the going gets tough?

What's the point of UMNO having a wimp as its youth leader when in actuality there are many more of those with the Hang Jebat energy and spirit in them to lead instead of him, the rhetoric spewing 'Now you see him ; now you don't' sorry excuse of an UMNO Youth Leader?

Even Hishamudin Tun Hussein had more balls in him to kiss the keris and rattle it before those who meant them harm?

So, it looks like Political Frankensteins are the order of the day here in Bolehland.

By that I mean, politicians who adopt and adapt certain character makeovers to suit their purpose based upon their situations and platforms that they are currently at?

These Political Frankensteins are willing to change their principles at the drop of a hat and play along to the mood and general mindset of their audience.

For Khairy to ask for the university and college students to divert from their studies and plunge into national politics is akin to letting medical students carry out open heart surgery on patients when they are just into their first semester?

They'd end up just like half cooked eggs, neither here nor there in order to serve this country.

Can you imagine what a topsy turvy nation we would have then with immature, still wet behind the ears half baked politicians trying to run or ruin Malaysia?

University and college students can enter politics once they have graduated and started working in order to qualify leading this nation then?

For now, let those who have it in them do their bit and really serve the people instead of putting up a bloody sandiwara politik every year just to pull a fast one on the nation.

Come, 13th GE, all these Malay political bangsawan actors and actresses will be relegated to the dustbins of our nation's political charade.

Leaders....yeah right!!!