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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kuantan's Countryside ~ Escape to tranquility

Whenever I return to my wife's hometown ~ Kuantan, I always try to go on a cruise along the rural areas and capture idyllic scenes, tranquil kampong sights and if we get lucky, stop at a traditional Malay cookies selling stall at Penor, on the way to Pekan.

Here are some photos I managed to snap and would like to share here with you. I have taken hundreds of shots but need time to compress and upload them to my imagebank online before getting to share them here with you. 

Time is the essence.

Kg Mukim Ubai, on the way to Penor is lush and green. This village road is flanked by greenery and is as idyllic as Malay kampongs can be. No rush here.

It was raining as I stopped along the road here and got out my camera. Not wanting it to be spoilt by the rain, I sheltered under our red golf umbrella unwittingly drawing the attention of a kampong nosey parker as he rode his motorbike coming towards me as I was taking shots of the surroundings.

I ignored him and he rode off. :P

I managed to shoot this flower as it held rain droplets. How I wish I can afford those specialized macro zoom lens and also the 50 to 300mm zoom lens? I'm pretty sure that I can take better shots with them. :)

Plenty of greenery here for the hungry city eyes to take it all in and bask in its finery...hehehehe..I mean only these eyes that know how to appreciate such splendor before it is all just a slice of our memories. As my now turned to history kampong back in Jelutong, Penang.

Such scenes are now missing in most of the 'developed' areas in these nation.
Newly germinating coconut palms are seen here promising a new batch of coconut palms that will soon grow tall, filling up the panorama of the kampong there in Pahang.

If you look closely at the left side of this picture just before the lamp posts at the corner, you'd see the monkey that came out of the bushes at the left hand corner of this shot.

Proof that wildlife is well and alive there in the rural area of Kg Mukim Ubai, Penor, Kuantan, Pahang. :)

Some sheep which were grazing by the road side of the village. Quite a pleasing sight for sore eyes, tired of looking at the concrete jungle here in KL.

More pictures after this.

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