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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Malaysiakini's Smear Campaign on Zahid Hamidi ~ What's their problem?

When I first started reading about the way Malaysiakini started twisting what Zahid Hamidi stated in Parliament with regard to the low numbers of Non Malays in our Armed Forces, I dismissed it off as just another of those 'bad news browns' ala Harakah and The Rocket who to date have yet to publish a 'feel good' news or report with relation to the government of the day in their publications online or offline?

I know that it would be a bloody miracle if these naysayers were to one day get so sick of the daily swill that they have put out without fail from day one of their operations and start publishing something that would really make our day and be glad that we all live here in relatively peaceful Malaysia?

So I stay clear of these nasty doomsayers and shitstirrers for obvious reasons ~ keep my mind free from having to read dirt about people they clearly have an agenda against.

But it is getting to be so sick to realize how these anti-establishment media keep on twisting the facts and start to demonize the Minister of Defense for stating what is so crystal clear as to the numbers of Non Malays who pale in comparison to the statistics of Malays in the armed forces service?

Now, if we are to read what Malaysiakini has reported here, it will seem as if the Defense Minister has questioned Non Malays who had served in the Armed Forces about their patriotism when obviously he hasn't!!!

Why do retired military officers need to be so bloody offended when Zahid Hamidi wasn't questioning their patriotism in the first place? They have served in the military proving that they are patriotic in the first place, haven't they? 

Where has Zahid Hamidi said anything with regard to the retired Non Malay military officers lack of patriotism as spun by Malaysiakini in its report?

He was just stating the number of Non Malay military personnel currently in service in response to a question from YB Dato Mohd Jidin Shafee [Setiu] who asked about the number of military personnel who had signed up from the past 2 years and as to the percentage of the various ethnic background of the intake and as to the reasons for the low intake of such ethnicities?

Here's an excerpt of the Parliamentary Hansard in concern:
Please click on to the document to read it in a larger and clearer version. You will need to click again on the image when it opens in a new window to view it better.

If the Non Malays here in Malaysia know and understand the meaning of the underlined word 'berkemungkinan' which means 'probably', they wouldn't have fallen victim to Malaysiakini's spin that the Defense Minister has insulted them by stating the obvious which is that the numbers of Non Malays compared to the Malays serving in the Malaysian Armed Forces NOW are as stated!!!

No where has Zahid Hamidi insulted all these retired officers of having no sense of patriotism as they have swallowed hook, line and sinker as to this online portal's venomous spin on his having insulted any of them in the first place!!!

Open up your eyes as wide as you possibly can and read the bloody Hansard!!!

Where is your proof that Zahid Hamidi has slurred your ethnicity's patriotism?

Are Non Malay Malaysians so clueless about what he has stated or what he is purported to have said?

The excerpt of the Malaysian Parliamentary Hansard dealing with this said offensive statement that Zahid Hamidi is accused of having said is here for all to see?

Those retired Military Officers ought to know better than to fall victim to Malaysiakini's devious ways to create unrest in this country by falling for their spin!

It is these retired officers who owe Zahid Hamidi an open apology and not the Defense Minister who is truly a victim of false reporting by this obviously anti establishment so called news portal!

Its more of a gossip spreading and rumor mongering online trash portal for harboring so many foul mouthed cybersniping cowards hiding behind vulgar and crass anonymous constant critics of the Federal Government since its inception!

Go and learn the National Language properly before jumping to any conclusions as to this and that, you clueless ones.

Ben 'Baca' Bradshaw and his friends 'Belacan & Paku' might just be able to teach you Bahasa Melayu if you are up for it?

Those fellows would make damn good Malaysians anytime for their love of the National Language and the way they cherish the traditions and values of this country.

What a bloody shame for some folks who were born and bred in this country but obviously have exposed their weakness to fall prey to the machinations and evil designs of a portal such as Malaysiakini to spread disharmony amongst the citizenry through such malicious reports demonizing a man who was just stating the obvious? 

Shame on you guys!!!

Harap belajar Bahasa Melayu didalam ertikata sebenar benarnya sebelum melenting tak tentu pasal!


aliasomar said...

Yes. They just like to spin and spin. They like to change facts and ridicule malay.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Syabas & terima kasih.

MAHAGURU58 said...


We who know the truth of the matter and understand the true context and content of what Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has responded to the questions raised by the MP for Setiu, YB Dato Mohd Jidin Shafee must clear the confusion caused by Malaysiakini who obviously have an agenda to besmear the Defense Minister's good name and cause the current uproar by a bunch of Non Malay Malaysians who fail to understand the true gist of Zahid Hamidi's reply!!!

Itulah! Disuruh mempelajari dan menghayati Bahasa Kebangsaan, mereka tak mahu! Sampai jadi buta kayu terhadap apa yang disampaikan Menteri Pertahanan kita!!!

Belajar lah jika nak faham???

Tak reti bahasa kemudian melenting tak tentu pasal sebab lain yang orang sebut; lain pula yang dia faham!

Mahaguru58 tidak kan berdiam diri melihat penganiayaan ini!

Berani kerana benar!

Tegakkan keadilan!

Perangi media pengadu domba!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Mejar (B)Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman [TUDM].

Terimakasih kembali dan doakan semoga Tuan sehat wal'afiat dan diberkati Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Sebagai seorang Blogger Musli, jatuh wajib ke atas saya membela yang teraniaya seperti didalam hal ini dimana sebuah portal media pengadu domba sedang menyerang Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Menteri Pertahanan kita tanpa perlu!

Mereka yang melenting tak tentu arah ini mengomel mengadu dihina tak reti bahasa!

Tak kira lah siapa sahaja, kita mesti ajar puak puak ini supaya menyiasat sebelum berkata, menghayati keadaan sebelum mengamuk tak tentu arah!

Sia sia sahaja lahir kat bumi ini, bertugas sekian lama bertahunan, berkorban demi negara ini kemudian mencemarkan maruah diri sendiri dengan termakan hasutan media syaitan!

bujai said...

salam bro,

nothing shocking when it comes from malaysiakini. they never wrote anything good about the government. everything the write is from their communist mentality which is much more dangerous to the nation and our people. yes, they are communist of the modern era. they thwart all facts and re-engineer it to their whims and fancy.

look, who supports them financially? its overseas fund.

so, those working at malaysiakini (either they like it or not) have to tailor their writings to the minds of their financer.

again, i would like to repeat - they are worse than the communist!

Maarof said...

En. Zainol,

'Berkemungkinan' simply means 'probably.' 'Most probably' is 'besar kemungkinan.'

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thanks Tn Hj Maarof. I have corrected as advised. :) I had first published it as probably but had added 'most' on a rethought. Thanks anyway.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Absolutely agree with you there bro!

I will never be an idle bystander to their malicious misreporting and scandalous publishings!

Let's whack them whenever we need to!

Esprit de corps my man!