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Monday, November 01, 2010

RM250 Transport to Galas Compensation ~ A BRIBE by any other name

When I first read and heard of this RM250 transport money being offered to the outstation voters of Galas over the news, all that comes to my mind is that this is nothing more than a clear cut case of political bribery!

Why is it that the Elections Commission is silent about it?

It makes no difference as to who is offering such a bribe openly or asking the contesting party to do the same?

Whether one calls it as a sadaqah or what the hell ever, a bribe is a bribe and it is a crime to offer such bribes to voters whether clandestinely or openly!

What is this country coming to be?


Is it halal now to offer bribes openly and whitewash such a crime with blatant excuses?