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Monday, November 01, 2010

RM250 Transport to Galas Compensation ~ A BRIBE by any other name

When I first read and heard of this RM250 transport money being offered to the outstation voters of Galas over the news, all that comes to my mind is that this is nothing more than a clear cut case of political bribery!

Why is it that the Elections Commission is silent about it?

It makes no difference as to who is offering such a bribe openly or asking the contesting party to do the same?

Whether one calls it as a sadaqah or what the hell ever, a bribe is a bribe and it is a crime to offer such bribes to voters whether clandestinely or openly!

What is this country coming to be?


Is it halal now to offer bribes openly and whitewash such a crime with blatant excuses?


MymassaVoice said...

Dear Mahaguru,

Today's newsdflash! Pas is giving away to 800++ odd Indian (hindu) voters a laptop each if they vote for them, on top of RM10, 000.00 cash to each of three temples in Gua Musang. Well, let's Membagun Bersama ISLAM!!! yeah!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear MyMassa Voice,

Care to show us proof of your claims?

zane said...

How about flushing goodies in those constituents like the news below,

Muhyiddin Yassin mengumumkan peruntukan kerajaan berjumlah RM5 juta untuk membina sebuah
masjid baru di kawasan Batu Sapi.


Projek PPR berkenaan melibatkan pembinaan 500 unit rumah dengan kos setiap blok dianggarkan antara RM80,000 dan RM100,000 dan dijangka siap dalam tempoh dua tahun akan datang.

It seems that when UMNO/BN does that everything's fine with you!

badtamperman said...

10 years ago during election ago I was informed that I can claim RM50 for the trouble coming back to my hometown for voting, they informed me after I casted my vote but not before.

MAHAGURU58 said...


You do assume quite a bit about what I approve or not, don't you?

For the cowardly anonymous cybersniper that you are, you do have a very big mouth as far as assuming so very often about me?

Anyway, that is your problem. You will definitely have to answer for your sins against me for I have never forgiven you for such libel that you send forth my way.

You will have to answer in the Hereafter for that.

To your assuming this and that about me here in obvious defense of the corrupt way that PAS's Election machinery has clearly taken to in offering the RM250 bribe here, what does that show us as to the state of blatant bribery that our holier than thou pontificating preachers have descended to?

Don't bother answering.

The nation is watching. :)

Anyway, this will definitely be the last ever comment of yours that sees the light here.

Not a jot escapes Him Who is Ever Watchful, Ever Aware.

Abdullah said...

Salam Tuan,

Macmanalah nak lahirkan umat islam 'yang nampak dosa kecik macam gunung dan dosa besar macam dicampakkan dalam jurang api Neraka'...
Inilah wabak akhir zaman...Islam itu asing dalam semua hal...hanya pada nama dan kulit sahaja...Iman chipesmore...sekejab ada sekejab hilang...

MymassaVoice said...

May Allah protect us from from Bala' n Bencana. Wallahua'lam

Esperalzi said...


If UMNO/BN is guilty of bribing constituents as you point out,then should PAS emulate UMNO/BN?

You are trying to justify every corrupt practice of PAS by pointing out to the same practice committed by UMNO. It is like you are saying that it is OK for PAS men to commit adultery because UMNO men are also doing it!

Why are you PAS people using UMNO as your standard when it is the last thing you should do considering how much you have accused UMNO of being corrupt and unIslamic?

If UMNO/BN is bribing RM 5 million in Batu Sapi, then PAS shouldn't do the same in Galas even if it is a mere RM250 bribery. Isn't PAS supposed to be an Islamic party?

Bribery is bribery no matter who does it. PAS is not above God's laws just because it has the label "Islam" attached to it..

There is no doubt that post-2008, PAS has been involved in corrupt practices in one way or another to some degree. PAS has been defensive in this corruption issue that it is reduced to comparing itself with UMNO. Pathetic And Sick! (PAS!). That's what PAS is!