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Friday, December 17, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim ~ Flashbacks ~ Political Chameleon Extraordinaire

He is truly a political chameleon extraordinaire! No other Malaysian politician has such powers of persuasion and oratory skills which he has been using since way back then to mesmerize his audience into thinking that he, Anwar Ibrahim is the promised savior to the captivated masses.

Not even his political master back then, the now retired longest serving and 4th former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has the gift of the gab so to speak as this glib tongued master political maverick and prime minister at all costs wannabe?

The video above shows his swearing of support for his boss Tun Dr Mahathir back then when he was still the Deputy PM.

His unparalleled catapulting spiral climb up the UMNO political ladder and chain of command is truly one for the historical books. He made such an impression upon Mahathir that the latter practically fell for his promising flair of being one of the best protege's that Mahathir could have wished for to follow in his legendary footsteps in heading the Malaysian political scene.

He practically overtook and cut off the late Tun Ghafar Baba from taking over from Tun Dr Mahathir as the 5th Malaysian Premier in the eventuality of Mahathir's calling it a day.

Anwar's treachery caused Ghafar Baba untold heartaches and he died a broken man. May Allah bless his soul.

Anwar Ibrahim is a shrewd and cunning political maestro. He knows how to turn over even his worst enemies to his cause.

You have to hand it to him to be able to make unsuspecting Malaysians sympathize with him and rally behind his endless twists and turns during his still continuing political odyssey.

When he was unceremoniously bundled off by the balaclava clad police special forces, millions of Malaysians including yours truly were aghast and appalled that even a Deputy Prime Minister such as Anwar could be so manhandled and driven off into the dark night to be incarcerated as we later came to learn.

We were all so angry at the apparent roughhandedness of Mahathir's henchmen as we referred to the UTK special forces and we seethed with anger at the way things were taking place back then.

We sympathized with Anwar when he appeared with that infamous black eye and loathed the very sight of Mahathir Mohamad for his dictatorial ruthless rule!

We all felt so sorry to see this once heralded former ABIM President be beaten up black and blue by the then IGP Tan Sri Rahim Nor, the tough no nonsense Inspector General of the Royal Malaysian Police who was the one who socked it to a blindfolded and handcuffed Anwar Ibrahim in the Bukit Aman, Malaysian Police Headquarters lockup!

Malaysians rallied to his cause when he was said to have been so seriously injured as a result of Rahim Nor's beating that his spine was said to have been so seriously injured and he suffered a crushed vertebrae causing him immense insufferable and excruciating pain that he had to be confined to a wheelchair!

The ruse is exposed in the following video.

In the public eye, the master chameleon put up a very convincing show of being in severe pain and grimaced his way into the sympathetic hearts and minds of enraged Malaysians who swallowed hook, line and sinker of Anwar's be-victimized role play!

Man he was good! So good that hundreds of thousands of charmed Malaysians took to the streets and thousands suffered in the clashes with the FRU, the Federal Reserve Unit of the Royal Malaysian Police.

That's Anwar for you. He was and still is one of the nation's topmost rabblerouser!

When he was stripped off his hard-gained power and position practically overnight by Mahathir who believed that Anwar was a sodomite back then and was ready to stage a coup in overthrowing him as the nation's PM, Anwar's vendetta against Mahathir knew no bounds.

Although he was later found guilty of abusing his political positions and convicted to spend 6 years at the Sg Buloh Prison, that didn't stop him from staging a comeback that today marks his not shying away from using whatever tricks and measures that would make even Niccolo Machiavelli turn red with embarrassment as evidenced in yesterday's unprecedented political circus stunt at the nation's Parliament!

This man will stop at nothing from going all out to overthrow any government in his zeal to squeeze himself into the Prime Ministerial seat of federal government power at Putrajaya!

His failed 16th September 2009 crossover coup ran out of steam and his federal government takeover agenda fizzled out into thin air back then.

Yesterday's stunt was something that was obviously preplanned and thought out well in advance because all those participating clowns pulled out the printed placards in the hallowed halls of the Dewan Rakyat in Parliament as if on cue the minute Anwar Ibrahim stood up to protest the Speaker's move to suspend him and the other other Opposition MP's who had been found to have contravened certain parliamentary rules!

There are numerous evidences captured and published videos in YouTube that incriminates the ringmaster of Malaysian Opposition parliamentary circus.

They have crossed all boundaries of parliamentary decorum and breached all protocols of this nation's highest institution of law and order.

This will go down as one of the darkest and most disgusting moments of parliamentary disorder brought about by none other than the PM wannabe and his legions of doom.

As citizens of this country who will be adversely affected if any of these power crazy betrayers of the Malaysian public trusts were to be left unfettered or disciplined as per the provisions of the laws of this land, then be prepared to face an era of anarchy which these clowns will unleash in the eventuality of them being stopped in their march to madness on their power trip journey to Putrajaya.

Its time for the ones who are in power to actually exercise the authorities that have been invested in them as the keepers of our national safety and security.

By that I am referring of course to the two cousins in the person of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn, the Minister of Home Affairs.

Enough pussyfooting you two and lay the smackdown on all those who have breached Parliamentary rules and guidelines.

If you guys do not have it in you to enforce the laws of this country then please get some others who do not flinch in the face of adversity to just do the job!

Those who are in power but do not have the moral courage to uphold justice are the very reasons why these political chameleons are now morphing into destructive fire breathing dragons who will just burn down any remaining vestiges of honor and decency in our Malaysian Parliament.

Doesn't this make some of us yearn for the ironfisted era of Mahathir?

Yes, he was a mean old dictator but he kept the troublemakers in check at the same time and even defanged the Malay Sultans when one of Their Royal Highnesses turned feudal kingpin on a couple of his subjects.

My being open about what I feel about this former ABIM's maverick leader will surely not go down well with his diehard followers. 

We have our own conclusions about whomsoever we wish to support or refrain from? It's a free country, right? We are free to rally behind whom we will.

It makes no difference to me. I write based upon what has taken place and his changing from being one who once advocated an Islamic identity for this country to his now apparent refutation of ever calling for an Islamic State to be set up here in our nation.

At least that was what I thought his ideals were back in his ABIM heydays?

Maybe I thought wrong?

Anyway, just be aware of the chameleon.

Political chameleon that is!

Makes me remember the hit song...

Karma Chameleon by that Culture Club faggot singer of an era gone by....:P


hazou said...

Wow sir,

Well i agree with you. At least mahathir got the balls to act unlike pak2 ministers now.To who ever says that mahathir is not a Malay please understand that Malays is not a typical race. Malays must be muslim,able to speak malay languages,practicing malay culture and lastly born in Malaysia. So sad to see that most people including the malays are not aware about this.Take ridhuan tee for example. He is Chinese by blood but Malay by right.Now even UMNO members did not understand the struggles of our forefathers. There is a reason why Malay is defined as such. For me the definition itself encourage the assimilation of different races into 1. Pak2 Jangoat in PAS should know that it is an honor to be a Malay.Anwar is a basket case full of crap.

Anonymous said...

Salam Mahaguru58,

Yaa.. mari ramai-ramai 'coming out' pasal pandangan politik kita. Selama ini kita takut hendak menyatakan pandangan terhadap makhluk Allah yang seorang ini. Takut kena hentam dengan kawan-kawan lain, kononnya orang UMNO.

Mari kita meriahkan Facebook dan sebagainya. Kita buka mata mereka yang masih taksub.

Buat pengetahuan saudara saya bekas penyokong reformasi dan bekas anti kerajaan yang tegar dahulu setelah Anwar dipecat. Alhamdulillah saya sedar, bagaimanapun bukan bermakna saya sokong seratus peratus kerajaan yang ada. Saya pun tidak percaya demokrasi boleh memartabatkan Islam. Hamas yang menang secara demokrasi telah ditekan ditekan dan ditekan sehinggakan untuk melaksanakan syariah itu ditangguh dahulu. Hassan Nasrallah dalam ucapan beliau baru-baru ini (saya bukan suka kerana beliau Syiah, tetapi sebagai saudara seagama), beliau bersyukur pemimpin Arab sudah sedar tak berguna berunding atau berbaik-baik terhadap puak Yahudi ini. Yang hanya adalah 'resistance'.

Harap kepimpinan PAS sedarlah cepat.. dan sanggup ambil langkah politik yang kurang popular di kalangan pentaksub makhluk ini.

Akhir kalam saya percaya 'resistance' yang perlu diambil oleh umat Islam hari ini, ialah bukan menjatuhkan kerajaan dengan peti undi. 'Resistance' ini sepatut bermula di rumah, sedar akan sistem yang mencengkam kita sekarang adalah dajalisme, memajukan diri tanpa mengharap-harapkan ikhsan yang lain kecuali Allah, membantu dan berkasih sayang sesama Islam sementara memuliakan ulama-ulama yang takut kepada Allah.. bukan ulama peti undi.


Wake UP! said...

I surely miss the iron fisted era of Tun Dr Mahathir.

Irwan said...'ve sold your soul once..what do you have to offer, now?

Malaysia is full of people with potentials. It's sad to see people like Anwar, Raja Petra, and all the others who can influence people, but got twisted somewhere between perjuangan and survival..I just don't know what's next with this country