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Monday, December 06, 2010

Facebook ~ Idea of Divya Narendra? Claims Mark Zuckerberg stole his brainchild!

Bangalore: A 28 year old, Divya Narendra, son of an Indian immigrant doctor couple in the U.S., has moved to courtroom in battle with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He believes that he, and not Mark Zuckerberg, came up with the idea of social networking website Facebook. Narendra, along with his former Harvard University classmates Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss, has charged Zuckerberg with stealing the idea they conceived over a year, when they were students at Harvard University, reports Ishani Duttagupta from The Economic Times.
Who is the owner of Facebook? Court to decide
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Narendra said, "I spent almost one year developing the concept and searching for programmers along with two of my classmates to build what was then called, which was a social network for Harvard students which was to expand to other schools. When I heard about Mark Zuckerberg for the first time in the fall of 2003, he seemed like a natural fit to join our team. Three months later, Facebook launched and all the time and effort I had put into my vision had been taken away." 

He and the twins first tried to convince Harvard's administrative board and president to take action against Zuckerberg. But they had to file a lawsuit as the matter was outside the jurisdiction of the university. While an initial settlement had been reached in the suit, reportedly at $65 million, it was reopened in May 2010. If the current suit goes in favour of Narendra and his friends, the value of the settlement could escalate to about $466 million.

The most talked social networking site is a stolen concept? can't believe it. Now its up to the court to decide, who is the owner of Facebook? 

Report from Silicon India.


Whether we realize it or not, many of today's technological advances especially in the world of cyberspace applications and technologies are often the brainchild of the technological wizards and geeks from India.

These brilliant geniuses often end up getting the short end of the stick so to say and have their ideas and inventions stolen right from under their noses or end up as the victims of fraudulent business arrangements where shysters from the USA or other Western countries rip them off and pocket the gazillions of big bucks at the expense of these poor Indian scientists and brainiacs!

Divya Narendra needs to prove that Facebook is his brainchild. He also needs to have the best patent rights lawyers to fight his case.

Its billions of dollars worth now. This Facebook idea that he claims to be his? Let's see what turns up?

At the same time, identical twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who were co-founders with Divya Narendra of the social networking system initially called the Harvard are demanding their share of the pie from Mark Zuckerberg whom they had all engaged to help with their idea and ended up getting their idea stolen by him! 

They had settled for US$65,000,000.00 before but now say that they were misinformed of the total value of the social network. Here's a report on this.

Geeks and money. What a combination! :P