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Sunday, January 23, 2011

'Anwar most dangerous politician in Asia!' tweets N Gobalakrishnan

N Gobalakrishnan
Anwar is the most dangerous Politician in Asia, killed the political will of hardcore supporter MKA who sacrificed everything for him

Well, what can we say except that if you keep company with political wolves, don't come crying that you got bit in your rump!

Hehehe, this tweet here is just so pathetic and doesn't really draw the sympathy that one would expect from one who is infamous for creating a ruckus everytime he took part in the protests and street demonstrations that the party he joined is famous for?

There is just no turning back of the clock here for Mr.N Gobalakrishnan, the PKR MP for Padang Serai after getting into bad blood between himself and the one whom he practically rooted for in the early days of the setting up of the Parti Keadilan 'Rakyat'.

I put the 'Rakyat' in apostrophes because technically the party doesn't represent the entire citizenry of this country per se. Hence the reluctance on my part to acknowledge them as such?

Nevertheless, this interesting turn of events where N Gobalakrishnan hereby vents his dissatisfaction at his party's Special Adviser who in actuality is the De Facto President and Chairman of the PKR just seems so comical and lacks the punch that such a statement would elicit in other circumstances.

Why is this so?

Simple. Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?

Well, when the villagers eventually found out that the boy was just pulling a stunt on them, they ignored his shouts and screams as the days went by.

When the big bad wolf really turned up and pounced on the boy, no one bothered to respond thinking that he was just pulling a fast one on them again as usual?

Well, the wolf in this case is Anwar Ibrahim according to Gobala and no matter how much he shouts and screams as he is known to, none would bother to listen to his cries and throwing of tantrums.

Gobala has used up whatever political sparklers he once had and his attraction can be said to have fizzled out.

Gunpowder needs to be kept dry and in good form. When one is careless about its storage and allows it to go damp, when one really needs to blow something up, it will just not catch fire and explode.

So, in the case of Gobala tweeting that Anwar is so and so, its just a damper!

The PKR HQ has already issued him a 45 page show cause letter asking why action shouldn't be taken against him for acting detrimental to the party's interest lately?

To date, the news is that Gobala doesn't give a rats ass about such a demand?

He will very likely soon be joining Zulkifli Noordin and the group of 'Independent MP's' pending the coming of the 13th GE. 

Its inevitable knowing how things usually work out for PKR MP's who lose their party's support and backup for not toeing the 'Special Advisor's line.

You start questioning the 'Godfather's ways...very soon, his goon squad will be paying you a visit, to hand you your walking papers. Many have gone the way. Seems like Gobala will be heading in the same direction any day now.

I personally don't think that there will be an encore performance of these group of guys who once rocked our Malaysian Parliament ....for all the wrong reasons!

Too bad! All noise and no sparks!


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