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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lee Kuan Eeew!!! Singaporeans are going crazy man! Whatcha gonna do about it?

Harry Lee Kuan Yew is in the news again. For the wrong reasons as usual.

This time around the Singapore founding former Premier who still holds quite an influence upon the small island republic south of Johor is in hot soup for calling upon the Malays in his dominion to be less Islamic and go 'loose' or to ease up from following their Islamic principles in order for them to be integrated into his idea of a unified, liberal Singapore!

Lee Kuan Yew is an old maestro in playing to the gallery in his heydays and the wily old ironfisted Singapore Minister Mentor is famous for the way he captured the hearts and minds of the Singapore Malays back then when he led the PAP to total victory and formed the republic!

Would you be able to see Singapore Minister Mentor Harry Lee Kuan Yew ever consenting to adorning a Malay songkok again today?

Not a fat chance in hell!


Well, because he doesn't have to pretend or kiss up to the Singaporean Malays anymore.

He's the Patriarch of the Lee Dynasty down under south of the Malayan Peninsular.

He is the undeclared 'Untouchable King or Emperor' of his small island republic.

Whatever he says goes!

Now, we read about Lee Kuan Yew asking the Muslims of Singapore, namely the Malays to not be so religious and to be more liberal in their lifestyles.

One Malay Singaporean has shown his middle finger here to ol' Harry Lee Kuan Yew's call!

To understand where he is going with this call, one has to reflect and recall the strong ties that Malays both in Malaysia and Singapore have with the Islamic faith.

Like flesh and skin, the inherited Malay cultural values and Islamic principles go hand in hand to portray and identify the Malaysian and Singaporean Malay Muslims being as an overall conservative and quite religious people.

Although we differ in social and cultural habits or norms in several ways, the unifying ties between us will always be our Islamic faith.

Lee Kuan Yew claims that Muslims are the hardest to be integrated into his republic's liberal lifestyle because they hold firm to the dictates of the Islamic Faith.

In a sense, Singapore's Muslims must count this statement by Lee Kuan Yew as an attested proof that Muslims will not be swayed by the materialistic pursuit that has devastated many of this world's customs and inherited ways of the various civilizations that were once heralded as the epitome of human achievements which fell prey to the lustful wanton society of today due to their giving in to calls such as these?

Without religion, mankind will be reduced to a heartless, uncaring cesspit of carnal desires and debauchery. 

Singapore is already living proof of such a society where materialism reigns supreme and faith is being fast abandoned by a godless mass of dollar worshipers who put the 5C's above anything else save for the Malay Muslims who continue to hold firm to the Rope of Allah and the Example of the Blessed and Noble Messenger of Allah.

Most Singaporeans especially their Chinese are bloody self centred or 'Kiasu' as the Chinese Hokkien saying goes meaning 'Afraid to lose' syndrome. 

Here's a classic example showing a Singaporean try and pump in as much cheap Malaysian petrol into his car as possible at Johor Bahru petrol station!

In a society that puts itself before others because of the fast disappearing sense of religiousness in its members, this is the end result :

Quarrelsome, rude, arrogant, godless persons who live a life devoid of care, kindness or compassion. Its a Dog eat Dog world that Lee Kuan Yew has succeeded in creating.

Quarreling over parking lots

On the SBS buses

Racist and vulgar Chinese woman aboard the MRT train 

Another loose screw on board ~ as usual its another Kiasu Singapore elderly Chinese wacko

What the hell is going wrong with the Singaporean Chinese elderly women? Frustrated spinsters or damn crazy?

The Indians however choose to showcase their Kollywood talents onboard the trains instead! Hahahahahaha

There are even a growing number of Singaporeans going butt naked crazy in Singapore! Hello Lee Kuan Yew! What gives?

All the chasing of money, money, money driving your citizens stir crazy, aa?

A world that puts the dollar above everything else. Lee Kuan Yew suppresses the Singaporeans in all areas. He bankrupts every Opposition figure who dares to take him on.

He drove JB Jeyaretnam bankrupt and the man died heartbroken.  

Lee Kuan Yew might have succeeded in turning Singapore into a modern economy but as far as human rights are concerned, he was very iron fisted and whacked the media into submission to his iron will and turned Singapore into his own personal dynasty. Modern, successful but faithless and kiasu kings and queens. Heartless, cruel and uncaring. Its all a 'me, me, me!' mindset!

Watch this video to learn more :

Its rebels are quickly canned and sent packing to the prisons.

Paradise and Hell combined.

Lee Kuan Yew has succeeded in doing just that.

He is responsible for driving most Singaporeans nuts and now he wants the Singapore Malays to go slack on their religion.

Its the only thing that is keeping most Singaporean Malay Muslims sane and get to remain above the fray that is driving Singaporeans into becoming tripwires all over the island republic!

Hello Harry Lee! You're already at the end curve of your life here on Earth. Why don't you do something good before you say bye bye to the Kiasu Republic of Singapore that you have created and go around on a be courteous campaign to your fellow republicans?

I don't know why most Singaporean Malays are just keeping their mouths quiet about this apparent attack on their faith and religious traditions?

Cat got their tongue?


Esperalzi said...

May be Singaporeans need to do a Tunisian number in Singapore. Egyptians are already doing it with great success!

azienmat said...

adik beradik teressa kok di malaysia...