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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flood Crisis ~ My sympathies and condolences to the victims.

It saddens my heart to see the natural disaster in the form of rising floods that is destroying major parts of Brisbane and other major cities and townships in Queensland, South West Australia.

The City of Brisbane is fast turning into a ghost town as vast areas of Queensland's capital city is being cut off by flood waters that are now reaching 4m plus and expected to peak at 5.2m above sea level. 

12 people are already confirmed dead and as many as 43 persons have been reported missing as cars with occupants in them are swept away by rushing torrents and all kinds of flood debris are crashing against the bridges and roads are being inundated with thick, swirling brownish river flood water.

Large numbers of neighborhoods and suburbs are now inundated and residents evacuated to relief centres which are quickly filling up with refugees. Queensland Police are chasing off some people who are trespassing into abandoned properties and one stubborn kayaker has been arrested after he refused to listen to their warnings to paddle away.

Store owners such as Gaurab Bansal have been giving away foodstuffs worth more than AUD$8000 to flood victims rather than allow such perishable items to go to waste or get spoiled by the rising flood waters.

Food supplies and fresh drinking water are running low. It is still raining every now and then and vast sugarcane plantations have now been destroyed by the floodwaters.

Economic losses are estimated to be more than AUD$10 billion and rising. ABC journalists are likening these floodwaters as an inland tsunami wreaking havoc into the Australians lives and destroying properties that is now said to be the worst natural disaster in Australian history!

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is visiting flood relief centres and giving support and encouragement to devastated citizens. The Australian Government  has started paying out more than AUD$17million in flood relief payments to those who have lost everything they had and need assistance just to weather the horrifying flood onslaught!

115,000 South East Queensland homes are now without power and inundated. Those without flood insurance are lamenting their loss and aghast seeing their homes going to waste. The Brisbane River is now measured at 4.12meters and expected to peak at 5.2m at 0400 Australian Eastern Time.

The Australians are fearing the recurrence of the highest level 1974 floods which saw many homes and neighborhoods submerged and totally destroyed. 

E-coli has been detected in Chinchilla water supply and the fear of the outbreak of infectious diseases especially the lethal disease such as dengue fever spread by the Aedes mosquitoes.

Local authorities are getting to be quite concerned about the emotional toll that is starting to affect many flood victims who are seriously affected having lost their properties and starting to worry about their uncertain future?

Even reptiles such as this large snake is forced to seek higher grounds and in its case here coiling itself around a fencing pole. Not a very comfortable position and it won't be able to hold on too long.

Former Australian Premier Kevin Rudd lent a helping hand to his neighbors and waded through flood waters advising residents to get out while they still can and to respond when he comes later to help evacuate them.

True politician. :) He ought to be suitably dressed for braving the floods, shouldn't he? That business shirt is surely a no no in flood situations. 

He could probably put on those fly fishing waders which would protect himself from all those nasties that come together with the obnoxious waters. Creepy crawlies and raw sewage plus all other types of harmful contaminants that will wreak havoc if his antibodies are not quite up to mark?

Being helpful is one thing. Being flood savvy is another, don't you agree? It would truly be a bummer if Mr. Rudd comes down with a vicious fever and gets sick due to being exposed to such dangers? 

Protect yourself sir and make sure that you are well equipped to go through the flood waters. 

I pray that the Australian people suffering this calamity will take adequate precautions and see to it that their loved ones are well taken care of and protected in these testing times.


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Takziah pada mereka, cuak juga tengok ular melingkar macam tu