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Friday, January 07, 2011

Ted Williams ~ from being a roadside Zero to a Radio Golden Voice hero!

Sometimes life deals us blows after blows and we end up beaten, derelict and fall victim to our self brought state of rot and decline!

Then a chance spot of revival comes right up to us just like a bus pulling up before the stand and the door swings open, beckoning us to step aboard!

Do we go for it or let such a chance pass us by?

Well, homeless derelict Ted Williams who confesses to having been an alcoholic and drug addict over there in America got just such a chance lately where a reporter happened to chance upon him and got to hear his absolutely fantastic radio announcer golden voice and got the tramp back to where he belongs?

At a radio station that is!

Its feel good news such as this which inspires humankind the world over and makes us take a good look back at our own selfs.

Do we just resign ourselves to being beat and give up on life just because we took the wrong turns or decisions before or do we get right up back where we belong and go all out to make a comeback in life?

I say to Ted Williams ~ Go prove all your critics and yourself wrong mate!

Go for success and make your worried mom proud of you again!!!

All the best for you Ted Williams in 2011!

Go build for yourself a better life and lay off the booze and drugs which left your life in ruins before.

One of our local tv personalities @ Karam Singh Walia got himself in trouble recently when he appeared obviously inebriated in a video that got us Malaysians talking about the consequences for those who make friends with the brew!

Ted Williams, stay sober and speak your heart out!

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