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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sepak Raga besides Stadhuys Melaka! Wanna play ball?

Sepak Raga ball with new weaving design
Been quite some years since I played Sepak Raga! :P Notice the paunch ~ Porsche design :D
I coaxed the traders to play Sepak Raga with me before buying it! :P
Still have the skills!
Who says old Mahaguru58 can't play Sepak Raga?
Sepak Raga is a group game. You need at least 3 persons to enjoy the game.
Back kick bro! Still can do it! Hahahaha! I even managed to get a passing Chinese to join us!
I enjoyed playing Sepak Raga that afternoon. I wish that I could one day bring my Sepak Raga to Dataran Merdeka and get both Malaysians and tourists to join me in a game right there in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

Why the hell aren't Tourism Malaysia promoting our national traditional games such as Sepak Raga by organizing such socially enriching pastimes like that?

Hell! I sincerely believe that even our youths will want to join us in such activities! The Mat Rempits will also want to join us in Sepak Raga Bulat which can even involve tens of people kicking the ball from one to another and have everyone enjoying themselves in a clean, friendly game!

What do you think? Wanna play ball? :D

* All these photos were snapped by my darling wife using our Nikon D5000! She's quite good in taking action photos as we can all see. 

Thanks darling@};-

1 comment:

hamsor said...

"Why the hell aren't Tourism Malaysia promoting our national traditional games such as Sepak raga....?"

Dear Bro...

If you noticed for the past 13 years and since then, the government is heavily involved in politics. And the kind of politics we have never seen before, dirty to the core.

Everything is politicied. The sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim is really damaging, but the government just dont care, as long as it still behold to the quoted by the PM..."mempertahankan Putajaya ke titisan darah terakhir"

13 years of sodomy 'education' & detailing in mass media, now we have muslim guys openly admitting that they are gays! Masyaallah!

Who are to be blamed?


Untuk ingatan bersama..

1) "Sesiapa yang merancang dalam fitnah, sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung maka hukumnya adalah MUNAFIK, sesiapa yang membantu menyebarkan berita fitnah tersebut maka jatuh hukumnya sebagai FASIK"

Sheikh Yusuf 'Abdullah al-Qaradawi

2) What happened to the police report of yours about the Sabah murtad priest insulting islam? You still believe the government is serious in Islam?

3) If you are to play the "sepak raga" at Dataran Merdaka, I'll join you....insyallah..hehe