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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan ~ Another Asoka in India? Beware of this Murtad!

For all the hullabaloo that Bollywood blasts out through the years in forming the opinions and general viewpoints of moviegoers worldwide that are generated through the endless dishing out of films with hidden and at times open messages about pluralism in human faiths, Muslims who treasure and value their Aqeedah ought to be aware of the disastrous consequences of hero worshipping Indian filmstars such as Shah Rukh Khan!

This world famous Indian actor is another Asoka in the making. In fact he lives with his Hindu wife and has children who worship the Hindu gods and have made an idol out of the Holy Quran as well as proven in the video above!!!

Surely Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has warned us about this here :

Waman yabtaghi ghayra al-islami deenan falan yuqbala minhu wahuwa fee al-akhirati minaal khasireen
Sahih International
And whoever desires other than Islam as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.

In Surah Al Imran, Chapter 3 Verse 85, Allah Azza Wa Jalla clearly tells us not to deviate from His Deen and to remain steadfast as Mukmins.

Shah Rukh Khan and most of the other Khans in Bollywood are prone to act as Hindus and often are depicted worshiping idols and going about their pluralistic ways as if its normal and acceptable in Islam.

Surely it is haram and his defiant manner of publicizing his choice to have a mixed faith marriage is an apparent show of arrogance and must be condemned by India's Muslim leaders.

The absence of a Khilafah adds to this sacrilege and this Bollywood actor has clearly committed Riddah @ Apostasy by his worshipping the Hindu idols and allowing his offspring to lead a pluralistic life.

Even his marriage is haram in the first place. Where does Islam allow such a marriage?

The fact that India is run by the Hindus has left the Muslims of India voiceless and powerless to act against this blasphemy! In fact the Hindus very much welcome his pluralism and glorify his choices as shown here. Anything goes!

The placing of the sacred Holy Al Quran al Karim on the same altar with the Hindu idols is a sacrilegious blasphemous thing to do and Shah Rukh Khan must not be allowed to get away with this!

What are the Muslims of India doing about this?

Even here in Malaysia we have dumbos as in the person of the former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi who either out of his apparent ignorance about Islamic Sharia stupidly states that if Malaysian Muslims want to apostate, then there is none who can stop them!

Remember this statement?

No wonder that the Muslims of the world are getting confused day by day! They have weirdos leading them in the affairs of faith.

Like the classic blind leading other blinded ones. Chances are that all will go drop into the cesspits and burn in the Hellfire.

Who do we blame for this but ourselves for not standing up and reminding these ignorants of the pitfalls of following their nafs!

Well, I for one choose to speak out and do my part. After all, Islam is not for just you and me but for the entire humanity.

We can't just ignore all these khurafat practices and remain silent. No sirree!

We will become accomplices to these murtads at large and unwittingly end up together with them for shutting the hell up when they commit these mungkar!

What will you answer Allah when He asks you as to why you didn't try to save your fellow Muslims from falling into Kufr and Shirk?


alabouchsam said...

Well Mr Abideen, I must thank you. Actually, I am a moroccan muslim and a huge fan of SRK (I have even his photo on the desk of my labtop!). You're right:he is a superstar, so whatever he says is taken as the absolute truth by his fans. He should keep his intimate convictions or beliefs for himself. Your blog reminded me of my duty: I can't let my nephews & nieces take him as a model. For hard work or perseverance, yes, but not as amodel of living. We, muslims, have our own values and they are far from being less than others. I tell the youngsters that if they have to look up to someone, it should be the prophete (PBUH) who brought an era of peace to a country where the war was the norm. He convinced the most reticent people (Arabian tribes) to worship the real and only God, Allah.
May Allah bring us back on the right path and forgive us all our sins and misbehaviors. I still like SRK as an actor, but I don't consider him as a muslim anymore (he says that he loves Allah; if so, why doesn't he pray or follow the 5 principles of Islam?). Religion is a commitment, not a game.
So, once again, thank you sir for this blog. Assalam alaykoum wa rahmatou Allah ta3ala wa barakatouh!

ahong said...


I was shocked when he said, we put the Quran beside Ganesha....

Which part of La ilahailalah of the syahadah did he not understand? He thought he inherited the religion Islam from his parents? Is he super ignorant or a super hypocrite?

Maybe pluralism is really catching up after all.

P/s: Someone please tell this Khan that he is not a muslim yet.

Abdullah said...

One of malay Idol lately in Islamic Country and also being well-treat by Melaka state govn..what happen to this TG