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Monday, March 21, 2011

American, British, French, EU Hypocrisy and Double Standards

I find it extremely disgusting to witness the blatant hypocrisy and double standards being put to practice again and again by those who tend to terrorize the Arab nations under pretext of fighting the dictators of the oil rich countries in the Middle East!

These hypocrites tend to look the other way when the illegitimate Israeli Zionist regime continues to massacre the poor Palestinians all these last 6 decades after robbing the Palestinians of their homeland.

The world concluded mistakenly that the era of American warmongering against weaker countries had ended with the advent of the Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Obama has proven that he is just another fork tongued Tel Aviv kowtowing stooge not much different from the maniac that was there in the White House before him.

He may not be a swaggering trash talking Texan cowpoke as George Wacko Bush Jr. was but he is just the same old Zionist friendly American President the way all previous Presidents were before him.

Obama can't be trusted to live up to all the glib promises and sweet talking that he did when he took the oath of office and delivered his speech to the Muslim world from the podium at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

The Americans, British, French and all other EU nations will never change their true colors. They are out to colonize the world and we all know it. They are so quick to wage war against Libya not because they really want to save Libyan lives but more so to sweep down onto the rich oilfields of another Arab nation.

Their willingness to launch an all out attack on Libyan so called military defenses are only a ruse

They claim not to want to wait till Muammar Gaddafi launches another wave of violence against his own people but their launching hundreds of devastating Tomahawk missiles have killed more Libyan civilians in the process.

What kind of stupid logic do these colonialists try to come up with when it is so bloody obvious that these warmongering nations are only too eager to go to war against Libya because they damn well know that they stand to gain from occupying all those gushing oilfields that are found all over the People's Republic of Libya!

Will the rulers of America, Britain, France and all the other EU countries just rollover and let their citizens take over their countries when they can't take anymore corruption and abuse of their respective governments?

No sirree!

Its clearly a classic case of 'Do as I say ; don't do as I do!'.

Are the war waging countries out there today running a crystal clear, clean and efficient government back home? 

Who are they to dictate to other nations as to how they should run their own countries when they themselves are proven to be as corrupt if not worse than those regimes they claim are being unjust to their people?

If they say Muammar Gaddafi is a despot, then why don't they pursue their cases through the World Court and go about replacing him in a more diplomatic manner?

Why the need to inflict more harm and damage to a country said to be already suffering from a despot and dictator through such unwarranted airstrikes?

Gaddafi doesn't get hurt. It is the poor Libyans who die as a result of being bombed by the so called liberators who gang up on poorly equipped and militarily outdated army of Gaddafi as a result of the decades long arms embargo and sanctions imposed upon that country.

As usual, the United Nincompoops are very brave and desperately eager to vote for such military strikes against all other countries but not against the Zionist regime of Israel.

Who the hell are they kidding when it is so obvious that the UN is nothing but an organized mafia targeting only Islamic nations?

North Korea has been showing its 'middle finger' against Washington all these while but America clealry doesn't wanna walk its talk despite the blatant wrongdoing of Pyongyang.

America and its band of machai nations are raring to carpetbomb Teheran over claims that it is building atomic weapons but choose to go blind when it comes to Israeli nuclear weapons stockpiling.

What justice are these terrorists talking about?

Plain ol' hypocrisy and double standards.

The American way.

At the end of the day, it will be just another oil rich Arab nation firmly entrenched under American, British, French and EU Imperialism.

Different era but still the same old neocolonialists at work.

Anyone dare claim otherwise?


syahir said...

salam datuk, sakit hati baca ulasan datuk tu. xper, esok sampai masa kita, sekor daripada deme pun kita xtinggal.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro,

Ini dia realiti disebalik serangan kuffar ke atas negara Arab Libya!

Andai takde telaga minyak kat Libya macam di Bosnia dan Herzegovina, jangan mimpi le nak tengok puak PBB atau NATO keluar belanja sakan nak memerangi diktator kepala atok mana pun!

Tengok je Iraq.

Apa dah jadi?

Dah keluar habis ke kepentingan Amerika dan Imperialis Barat?

Makin mencengkam lagi.

Akan disedut dan dihisap sampai kering baru dia akan lepas macam Drakula.

Masaalahnya kebanyakan rakyat negara negara Arab tak sedar akan keadaan ini.

Mr feckry said...

geram giler dengan laknatullah tu..hai..kite geram je..

tapi ape saranan tuan mahaguru untuk kita di malaysia ni

MAHAGURU58 said...

Saranan saya adalah untuk menyuarakan bantahan terhadap mereka yang terbabit secara nyata dan pemulauan ekonomi barang dagangan negara negara terlibat.

Tak mudah tetapi jika ada usaha berterusan secara kelompok pasti akan menggigit mereka seperti didalam kes 'boikot produk produk' anti Denmark sebelum ini.

Bila poket mula kering baru ada akal beb!