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Sunday, March 13, 2011

DAP defends Kitten Killer ~ Animal Rights Group Protest Video

The DAP are the foremost champions for making political mileage out of every incident and waste no time in jumping on to the media bandwagon just to show that they are ready to fight for and defend anyone who seeks their help ...after running foul of the law!

This time around, infamous Serdang kitten killer @ Chow Xiao Wei, who got exposed for her brutal slaying of a kitten and caught on tape killing the poor defenseless animal had sought refuge from DAP politicians Selangor State Exco Assemblyman Ean Yong Hean Wah and Serdang Assemblywoman Teo Nie Ching to extend her public apology in a media session at the DAP HQ located at Hotel Wentworth, Jalan Yew, Pudu, KL.

Here is the video showing the fiend above pummeling the poor defenseless kitten to death and chasing away the kitten's mother which tried to come to its kitten's defense.

How can we let this fiend exposed here in this blog escape retribution???

Members of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Society, were quite angry at such a  political interference of the DAP politicians in giving the vicious animal killer room to apologize for her brutal slaying of the poor defenseless kitten!

They vented their frustrations and lambasted the DAP for what seems like an attempt to give shelter for the vicious animal killer and provide her a platform to escape legal prosecution! 

The DAP are always there whenever those who go against the laws of this land  try to evade the consequences of their criminal actions. 

Call it what you will but it is just obvious that there is an element of political mileage and vested interests on the part of this Malaysian major opposition party to 'make hay while the sun shines' so to speak?

DAP politicians are masters at this! They always know when to go in and make themselves very visible in every event or incident and when the media are there!

I support MAWS on this! Don't let up that easily on the DAP and the vicious Serdang Kitten Killer! Make sure that they answer for their crimes!

Here are the memorandum of protest from MAWS against Ean Yong Hean Wah and Teo Nie Ching for their part in assisting the Serdang Kitten Killer Chow Xiao Wei to try and escape the consequences of her brutal slaying of the kitten!

For further information on this, visit this blog to learn about it. You might also want to read what the Malaysian Chronicle has to report on this here.


Wanita Bertudung Hitam said...

this kitten killer should be punished!

Aiza4t said...

have a heart people! how can she tortured the innocent cat? they're harmless!

Plus, I've no idea WTH is DAP doing in this case? it's totally irrelevant! "It's just a cat" SERIOUSLY??!!

jimizul said...

this is one of the reasons why we malaysians are seen as third world citizens!

Alya Yazmin said...

waht do u expect..DAP supporters and intellectuals like Kua Kia Song even declare Chin Peng, butcher of Malaya as a national hero and even dare suggest Chin Peng is first independent hero than say Dato' Onn bin Jaafar and Tunku....this is just play dough stuff for the chauvinist DAP