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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami devastation in Sendai ~ My condolences to Japan

It's like dejavu! I am reminded of the horrific loss of life and destructive Dec 26, 2004 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated Banda Acheh in Northern Sumatera, Indonesia and other parts of the world such as Phuket in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, etc.

My tears still flow and I choke up with emotion everytime I watch the horrifying images in the video above. I have been at Banda Acheh in person with a team of Malaysian Muslim lawyers on a study tour of their Syariah system last year and saw signs of the tsunami still there. 

The roads stripped off the tar are still as it was and there are still buildings destroyed by the Dec 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in ruins as a permanent reminder of what can happen to us if we are still oblivious to Allah's warnings to us since Time Immemorial?

That is one major natural disaster in our recent times that we won't ever forget!

More than a quarter million lives were lost on that fateful day and the worst was in Banda Acheh, Northern most Sumatera where the photo besides shows the bodies of victims strewn amidst the debris and flotsam from the tsunami. Its a sight that will never be forgotten by those who were eye witness to the disaster!
Even I felt the tremor in the apartment we are living in here in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Scores of terrified neighbors screamed and wailed as they fled down the stairs to the open spaces below in fear of our apartments collapsing. Luckily, we were all spared and our apartment stayed firm with only minute cracks appearing on some walls of the residents.

Yesterday, we learned of the devastation that has taken place in Japan especially around the city of Sendai, Fukushima Province, Northern Japan.

We have yet to learn of the total number in loss of life's from this earthquake and tsunami but the pictures here tell a story that is synonymous with what takes place after an earthquake and the tsunami that is unleashed soon after!

One of my colleagues at work, Encik Zulkafly spoke of the San Andreas Fault in California, USA and wonders as to whether we might hear of 'The Big One' that most Californians have been fearing all these while taking place in these Last Ages where the prophecies of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam with regard to the natural disasters preceding the coming of the Doomsday have been taking place exactly as he prophesied! 

I am sad to see all these happening but we are just humans and have to accept the inevitable where our lives and existence here on Earth is just temporary and we will face the consequences of our destroying Mother Nature and disturbing the natural balance of the ecological state of what Allah the Almighty has bestowed our planet with.
Best we can do is to help the Japanese rebuild their lives and carry on with surviving the remnants of our lives here on Earth. Insya Allah! 

Once again, I humbly extend my condolences to the people of Japan!

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