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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ethics of Mukmins versus Sinners who pretend to being all holy moly...

My dear beloved readers and fellow Malaysians,

Assalamualaikum. Peace be upon you.

That goes out to all who are reading this today and from now on.

The Malaysian blogosphere today is rife with reports and exposures of an incessantly obnoxious and sordid nature, polluting our already suffering minds reeling from all kinds of nasty 'news and views' that almost always borders on plain libel and scandalizing of our fellow citizens.

From Kings to commoners, there is none that can escape the foulmouthed ones out there who don't give a damn about the consequences of their ghastly misdeeds.

Today, there is not much to differentiate between wrongdoers hailing from differing faiths, cultures and upbringings for most of them fear not The Almighty as they go about their devilish ways in causing harm in bringing down their fellow man or woman just to please their bloated egos and foul desires.

Vengeance, sheer unbridled hatred and jealousy often seems to drive these spawns of the devil in human form to go about eavesdropping and snooping upon their fellow members of the humankind, to entrap their targets just when their guard is down, literally!

Out of spite and raging enmity clouding their already twisted minds, these modern day fiends waste no time in wreaking havoc upon the life's of their intended victims.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has commanded us not to bring about harm to others. It doesn't matter if they are our enemies or foes.

Muslims in particular are expected to live up to the requirements of being Believers in Allah the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful.

Many simply do not bother to care for others and recalcitrantly choose to inflict as much pain as they can upon their victims.

There are those amongst us humans who have lost all compassion for others and devastate the life's and reputations of those with whom they are not pleased and care not for the harm that they bring about.

There is just not an ounce of pity for anyone whom they love not. Its not in them to just let others be. Nope.

Nothing would give these demons in human form more pleasure than to see their foes suffer as much as they possibly can and their raging vengeance simply knows no bounds.

At times I just wonder as to how those who go to perform their Umrah and Hajj without fail yearly can return to becoming even worse than when they first left our shores to step upon the Holy Lands?

How can these fiends not change when their selfs are right there before the Holy Kaabah and had stood before the Maqam of our blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam?

For someone like me who has yet to afford travelling to the Sacred Lands, the most that I can get close to imagining myself being there is to watch all available videos in You Tube and other sites and wish that one day, before I die, I will be blessed to be there before the Sacred Holy Kaabah and witness with my own eyes the Blessed Maqam of Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the Jannahtul Baqi ~ blessed maqams of all those who lived during Rasulullah's time and are now entombed there in Makkah al Mukkarramah and in Madinah al Munawwarah.

Insya Allah, I will bring my beloved together with me to perform our Umrah and Hajj if He Permits us to do so?
Yet, here we are facing all kinds of sordid trials and tribulations brought about by those in whose hearts are a disease.

An incurable disease fed by hatred and enmity towards their fellow mankind.

Its such a pity that their amals and ibadah has not done anything to purify their hearts and souls.

Despite having all sorts of titles and designations before their names, they continue to wreak havoc with our lives and besmear the reputations of their fellow mankind.

But all such evil designs and machinations come to practically nothing. We are not that naive to know as to who is making all sorts of allegations?

What's so and so's track record, so to speak?

Hello!!! Its a bloody classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

Who's dumb enough to swallow such bull when it is being spread about by those who have lost whatever sense of integrity they once had or claimed to possess?

I for one am just so sick to read of all these sordid and nauseating allegations day in day out in our newspapers, blogs and web portals.

Its downright dirty and makes me wanna puke!

I guess that once some folks get comfortable bogged down in such filth, they are just so eager to spread their shit around?

Reminds me of the hippopotamus at the zoo. I saw with my own eyes that creature do the very thing without any hesitation on its part whilst being in its pool!

Poor zookeepers.

I can relate the fate of such zookeepers with our befuddled Prime Minister.

His situation is not that different from the zookeepers themselves.

When he has such shit stirring ones in his party, going about crapping their mouths as they please, guess who gets smelly?

Why? Its Najib himself, of course!

Yet there are so many amongst the politicians of Malaysia today who are just raring to be the Pee Emm no matter what it takes?

Guess, these chappies just don't give no shit when it comes to making politically based character assassinations and spare no one from their agendas to be the Numero Uno in Bolehland?

The dastardly conspiring trio have come forward to admit being the orchestrator's behind the last blue film exposure scandalizing Anwar Ibrahim once again.

I guess that some folks just won't repent right until Malaikatul Maut himself comes and whacks them dead and rips away their miserable souls out of their wretched bodies unfortunate enough to have housed such evil entities all these while here in this gone crazy topsy turvy world?

From what I have learned, those who go about causing harm to others without due cause, are destined to burn in the raging hellfires that Allah the Almighty has prepared for them...

If only the nation's Pee Emm and Home Ministry Chifusan were made of more steadier and principled stuff, we might all be spared from such BS being carried out by those who love to pretend that they are all absolutely squeaky clean, inside out?

Problem is that, just like the proverbial screwups, mankind is infamous for throughout history, some bozos are just dumb enough to go dig behind the outhouse.

Chances are that they themselves might be sprayed with the foul stuff that they are so bloody eager to unearth?

We ought to remind these holier than thou chappies of the saying,'What goes around comes around!'.

They might even be exposed to be so much more worse than the one or ones  they seem to have fixated their eyesights upon?

Just taking a look at their mugs tells us as to what is beneath that god forsaken exteriors!

May Allah save us from such kind.



ajim san said...

It's nice to read a bit of wisdom now n then. That is true of your blog sir.
But how about when a situation crops up where you only can use profanities to describe a given situation.
Case in point, I believe (my belief doesn't reflect other reader's) that anwar Ibrahim has done a lot of manipulations, that has divided us Malay Muslims. I can only think of words like celaka, to be kindest, or babi (swine) to best describe him. I'm not commenting on the scandals he allegedly is in.
Just a mixed feeling of admiration plus disgust, on how he manages to say a lot and work so little but end up fooling the very people that support him. I am, as you can guess, an ex anwar staunch supporter. I have found comfort in knowing that I'm not alone, where there are many like me, initially big fans of anwar who now hate him to the bone. Heck there are hundreds of thousands like me, apparently. And all of us can't help but only define that guy with the deepest laknat's and hatred, he practically sold the Malay soul to the devil.

hamsor said...

Conspirators are slowly coming out to defend each other.

By the way, Islam view slanderers as sinful as fornicators. ..

including En Arman of Perkasa today defended Shuib Lazim, please hide your face under your x-tra big songkok...songkok saja tinggi tapi akal cukup dangkal !

It is quite funny when this arman chap compared which is more sinful. I think by making such a statement made him most sinful after all. Funny arman..

Anyone who has anything to do with Anwar gets to have breakfast with the PM wife or gets to see the PM. and if you are lucky will get scolarship offers too..No wonder the PM is not able to perform his job due to having to entertain all the clowns.

pray by day and sin by night?

anyway...selamat menunaikan ibadah umrah bro. Minta maaaf kalau ada terkasar bahasa. Saya hanya manusia biasa...:)