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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

'Kita 1Malaysia' by Gloson Teh

When I came across this video uploaded by an obviously very patriotic young Malaysian who has composed and sung his own song wearing our national 'Baju Melayu' complete with the Malay songkok, I felt relieved that the future leaders of this nation like young Gloson Teh here will make sure that this country doesn't  end up in turmoil like many other troubled nations of the world today.

Although the 1Malaysia concept introduced by PM Najib has its many shortcomings in the actual sense of its implementations in real life, the hope and aspirations that it holds for most Malaysians, young and old is that we can rally behind a common slogan, a catchphrase that if taken to heart and put to practice can mold us altogether in a way that will make us feel proud and grateful to be Malaysians.

Those of us who are born here in this blessed land will surely want to live and die in our motherland, Malaysia. No matter that our forefathers came from many other lands which are namely Indonesia, India and China, for us who are born here, this is our homeland. No where else.

I can't imagine Malaysia to be without its myriads of citizens made up of so many different ethnicities yet all with a common attachment to this part of the planet Earth to which we all belong.

Malaysia wouldn't be what it is today if not for the efforts of all its people to transform this nation which was once tapped and mined by its conquerors for all its earthly riches and pilfered away back to the Kingdom of Portugal followed by the Land of the Windmills, then to 'Mother England' and then to the Land of the Rising Sun before being wrested back by the 'stiff upper lipped' old boys and gals of the British Empire once again.

We who are the citizens of this country called Malaysia owe our allegiance to none other but our homeland here and it is imperative that no matter what turns up in the coming years, we must ensure the continuity of relative peace and harmony here between us fellow citizens of Malaysia.

Politicians will say this and that to rile us up and to create strife and discord between us but we must remain above all such instigations and carry on with our nation building, ensuring that each and every Malaysian regardless of his or her race or religion, to be safe from harm brought about by the ones who would waste no time in selling out this country just so that they can stuff their coffers to the brim like nobody's business!

I applaud the patriotic Gloson Teh, a proud Malaysian who is a classic symbol of what this nation's youth should be!

Above all the bullshit and hatred that a few blinkered ones continue to spew forth without giving a thought to the consequences of their evil ways?

Gloson Teh! May you grow up well and be a successful Malaysian!

All the best to you young man!

Go make Malaysia proud!


hazou said...

ada baca x tentang bob lokman dan apa yg dia tulis kat

" saya menganut pas "

apa komen tuan tentang ini?

MAHAGURU58 said...


Secara kebetulan, saya baru saja menulis tentang perkara ini.

Silakan membaca dan berikan pandangan saudara.


Abdullah said...

Salam Tuanguru (TG),
Saya ni orang melayu Islam, tapi dah tak pernah ada dan pakai songkok melayu 6" sejak dulu lagi, cuma ada songkok lipat indon dan kopiah je..Ok ke TG..alasan senang maintain dan bawa.

Yugimudo said...

Saya bukan tk yakin kat 1Malaysia, sy tk yakin dgn pemimpin yg bawa msg ni. Tp saya rasa syukur jugak lar bila kawan2 cina saya sebut "kitekn 1Malaysia", sekurang2nya msg yg diaorg terima tu masih lg tk korup. Tp udara politik ni mmg bahaya, 1Malaysia ni tunggu masa je sblm die jadi korup juga. Mgkin banyak sgt "pencemaran" kot. Tu sbb biler sebut politik=korup. Nak wat camner lg kn? :(