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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Libyan woman alleges being raped for 2 days by Libyan forces

A Libyan woman @ Eman el Obeidi was forcibly taken away by Libyan Government agents from a hotel where she came to plead for help from foreign journalists.

CNN journalists were manhandled and their camera smashed by the Libyan agents.

Such is the reality of Gaddafi's regime!

Eman el Obeidi alleged that she was arrested by Libyan government agents and taken by force to an undisclosed place where she was beaten, tied up and raped continuously for 2 days.

She made her way to the hotel in Tripoli but was manhandled by Muammar el Gaddafi's agents and forcibly taken away by them.


sgray said...

Boleh caye ke

jimizul said...


"Boleh caye ke"

Isu itu tak penting, yang boleh kita caye ialah Gaddafi akan menyebabkan banyak kerosakan kepada Libya dan rakyatnya.