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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Modern day marvels ~ Biomedical advancements for amputees and those with deformities

Living in these Age of the Internet and advanced levels and means of communication has also brought about a world of scientific advancements that would be categorized as nothing but fiction in times afore.

Who would have thought that we could see and hear things happening in other parts of the world in real-time on devices that could have only be possible in science fiction magazines and publications?

The laptops, iPhones, Android devices are just a few of today's communication devices that are simply outstanding and modern day marvels. 

There are also scientific marvels that have come to be in the field of biomedical science and bionic engineering. 

Things that would have been dismissed off as simply impossible by those who lived hundreds of years before us. They would have scoffed at such ideas and inventions as being from the devil! :P

Yet all these are now possible. Not all modern day inventions are harmful to us in the real sense of the word. People who have been injured or deformed from birth are now able to utilize advanced engineering marvels such as the case of this young woman who lost her left arm as a result of a motorcycle accident. 

Claudia Mitchell now has a bionic artificial arm fixed to her torso by scientists and biomedical engineers who have crafted such a technological wonder.

Claudia Mitchell is the world's first bionic woman. She can now use her bionic arm to go about doing her daily chores and needs. Read about it here.

Take a look at the prosthetic hand in the video below.

Hail to the biomedical scientists and engineers out there! You are life savers!


Now, coming back to the Supreme Engineer of us all.

Allah the Almighty. Have we ever stopped for a moment and thanked Him for giving us all that we have within ourselves?

Each and every part of our body is of the highest quality and superb craftsmanship. 

Everything that we take for granted is of the best engineering and master craftsmanship that there is.

No matter how advanced our scientists and engineers can be, they can never match or come to par with the works of God Almighty. Human beings can try our level best to compete with God but in the end we will usually end up running short for our lives here on Earth is but temporary.

I will follow up on this in the coming articles. Insya Allah.

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