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Sunday, March 20, 2011

'Operation Odyssey Dawn' Attack on Libya ~ America, France & Europe massacre more civilians

The UN's backing for the 'Operation Odyssey Dawn' military action against Libya only adds fuel to the fire and has taken more lives by the latest massacre against Libyan citizens! 

God damn the American, French and European governments who have launched missile attacks against the civilians in Libya!!!

What bloody justice are these countries talking about when instead of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi getting whacked, it is the women, children and ulama of Libya who are reported to have been killed by the latest military attack led by the French, American and EU?

Obama erroneously has now ordered his Armed Forces to join European Military in shedding more Libyan blood in the 'interests of his nation' and fellow coalition of neocon imperialists in the form of the European kuffar nations.

The Arab nations of the Middle East have brought these upon themselves by being divided and oppressive on their own people!

Go on! Remain divided and recalcitrant! Forget about the call to be as one! Fight amongst yourselves and do not seek peace with one another.

After all, you delude yourselves that with all the wealth and riches from the black gold oozing underneath the burning sands of your nation's deserts, you'll never run out of the abilities to defend yourselves?

Sheer poppycock!

Look at how Israel, a tiny regime kicks you in the ass and devastates your Palestinian brothers and sisters life's as they damn well please?

Muammar Gaddafi is a tyrant but it is simply shocking to see hordes of Libyans hero worshipping him still!

Que Sera Sera Libya!

The OIC will adopt the usual 'See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil' approach to another Arab country that's gonna go the way Iraq did.

As the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has warned us 14 centuries earlier that in these Akhirul Zaman, we who are Muslims will be weak as the froth gathered upon the ocean waves, numerous in numbers yet divided and disunited as an ummah whose enemies will be gathered to feast upon us.

Sadaqa Rasulullah!

1 comment:

Wise said...

Sedih sungguh saya melihat akan kerakusan AS serta sekutunya yang tamak ni.

Guna peluang kebebasan/kemananan untuk mengautkan dan mengawalkan akan 'Emas Hitam' yang ada di libya.

Mereka ingin jadikan libya seperti iraq? afghan?

Yang menjadi mangsa adalah rakyat yang tidak berdosa.

AS serta sekutunya jangan tersenyum gembira akan kerana mendapat peluang ini.

Kemungkinan besar akan keluarnya golongan - golongan 'Bawah Tanah' yang akan mempertahankan kedaulatan Libya.

Jangan kerana Tamak, hancur semua harapan yang tidak sempat untuk termakbul.

Masalah demi Masalah menimpa dunia Islam serta umatnya. Mengapa kita masih menutup mata dan pintu hati kita untuk memahaminya?

Benar.. benarlah kata rasulullah.

Ya Allah, selamatkan Agama mu, Umat mu serta Dunia mu ini dari dirosak oleh makhluk ciptaan mu yang 'sesat'.