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Sunday, April 24, 2011

1st Malaysian -ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference

I attended the 1st Blog House Malaysia organized ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference today which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel ( former Hotel Nikko) near the KL City Centre.

Many of my fellow Malaysian Bloggers were there. I first sat in a discussion about regulations and authority which was conducted at a room moderated by a fellow blogger.

Most of the attendees were all for no regulations to be imposed by the respective ASEAN governments upon bloggers. I guess I was the lone blogger who didn't agree with such a demand. 

Blog as one pleases, shoot 'em down and get away with whatever one blogs without considering the implications of one's cyber-sniping? 

I thought the theme of the conference was 'Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly'?

Here were some bloggers especially those from Thailand represented by a Canadian born journalist who wasn't too happy about the way things were in Thailand who was calling for no regulations to be imposed on bloggers there by the Thai Government. 

He was referring to the way the Thais were very particular about anyone committing 'lese majeste'. Insulting the Thai Royalty. One who does that can face severe punishments. So, he was stating his point of view that he didn't agree with the way things were over there in the 'Sawadee Kap' land. 

Then there was a blogger from Kampuchea. She was also for no regulations to be imposed on bloggers. :)

There was also an American born blogger speaking on behalf of Vietnamese bloggers. Same old demand again. No regulations.

Wishful thinking.....

After the break at 10am, I adjourned to join friends from among the Malaysian blogging fraternity who were present.

Will be uploading several short clips of speeches by Syed Akbar Ali, Blog House Malaysia President, Former PM Tun Dr M, PM Dato Seri Najib and blogger Kounila from Kampuchea when I get the opportunity to do so.

At the end of the day, I still hold firm to my point that bloggers must be responsible for what they publish.

The truth must be told no matter what so that justice may live but one shouldn't blog irresponsibly and expect to get away with whatever untruths one unleashes unto the reading netizens.

Always stick to the truth if you don't want to have your blogging ass whupped!

Figuratively speaking! :D Of pun intended at anyone...:)


Congratulations to Blog House Malaysia for successfully holding this 1st Malaysian - ASEAN Bloggers Conference and graced by the current Malaysian PM and also by our 4th PM Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad who has consented to be the patron for the BHM.

Well done Syed Akbar Ali & team!

All the best to you guys n lone lady! Dato Nuraina Samad!

I wish you all success!


Freddie Kevin said...

Salam Tuan,

I addressed Chandler from the floor and if you would recall I too was for regulation. The vote taken was "for or against censorship", which I voted against and you were the only dissenter.

All the very best to your good self.

Warm regards

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother Freddie,

Yes, I concur with your points. I have always stated that no blogger should expect to be allowed to blog as he or she pleases without being duly held accountable for whatever the blogger publishes into the public domain such as blogs, portals and websites.

The Malays have a saying' Kalau takut dilambong ombak; jangan berumah ditepian pantai!'

If one is afraid of being tossed by the waves, then do not make your home by the beach!'

Thus, bloggers can't expect to be allowed to blog as they please. There's always a rule of law that one has to abide with.

Even Mother Nature has its set of laws. Law of gravity for example.

It amused me to see those who advocated total freedom for bloggers to publish as they please yet be in no ground to claim that they really speak for whichever country they were supposed to represent, yesterday!

A Canadian speaking for Thai bloggers. An American born speaking for Vietnamese bloggers and an American sounding Kampuchean.

Where were the true bloggers of those countries?

Back home minding their own business?


BioManSyrup said...

I was there too ... voting for no censorship. From my point of view, let everybody speaks, no one censoring anything, but if the facts are wrong, then action can be taken.

hamsor said...


sempat bergambar dengan seenikatti akbar ali ka?

apsal tak kasi penampaq arab kat dia!

MAHAGURU58 said...


As they say, to each their own. Yet to me, all these asking to be allowed to blog without restrain is akin to letting lawlessness to take place.

Every blogger no matter what his or her calling is, has to ensure that they do not libel or publish falsehoods just because they dislike this or that chap for whatever reasons they might have?

Self regulation is a must. If we dare to whack someone without due cause or reason, then we must be prepared to face the consequences of our actions.

That my friend is true justice.

Or do you prefer we go ala 'Law of the Jungle' and simply go ape?


MAHAGURU58 said...


As bloggers, we are supposed to be civil at all times and only raise our hands physically to shake hands not go around slapping people left or right.

You PAS bloggers are so worked up man.

Take it easy. Go holiday. :)

Take off from all the angst and hatred for a while.

Syed Akbar Ali may be a loose cannon as many see him to be but that is his right to blog as he pleases.

Anyone not happy with his works are most welcome to go sue the man.

He's a Jeweller bro.

Who knows?

You might just end up rich ...that is if you win your case lah!

You slap the Syed, chances are you'll end up black and blue.

I hear rumors that he holds a black belt in some kind of martial arts.

I don't know if it is 'Silambam' or what but you better be prepared just in case he wants to show you stars instead?