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Monday, April 04, 2011

Anwar Sex Tape ~ Without the X Rated Stuff is now online for the world to see

What can I say? Thou shall reapeth what thou soweth!

It's the end for the PKR supremo. 

Whoever edited out the sordid details from the secretly recorded sex tape has done us a favor.

The person responsible in the release of the intro parts of the much contested videotape has now given the whole wide world a glimpse into the said sex tape and from what we can easily conclude is that his accusers were right all along.

Its the man himself. There's no doubt about it. 

Karpal Singh...What do you have to say about this now?

Its a sad day for all those who have believed in DSAI all these years.

It also proves that the ones responsible in videotaping this said video have willfully entrapped DSAI. There is no way that this Dato Eskay can claim not to know about this secret recording of the adulterous affair of DSAI here.

If it is him @ Dato Eskay in the video here, then he clearly has acted as a pimp or procurer of the prostitute for DSAI. 

Surely when DSAI goes down, these Dato 'Trio' ought not be left alone or is there now a provision to allow such entrapment of persons here in Malaysia especially when they hold such high positions in the political scene?

What does the the Attorney General or the legal fraternity have to say about these?

What happens next?

The family of DSAI held a press conference the next day to deny that it is him in the video clip above. Here is the video :

" The truth must be told no matter what so that justice can live!"

* Anonymous cybersniping cowards! Please do not waste my time sending your comments about this case if you do not have the gonads to reveal your true identities!

We shall all be judged in the Yaum al Mahsyar! You may think that you are anonymous but can you escape Raqib and Atid's auditing?

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