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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Attention all Drivers! You must watch this video and ...share it in your blogs! with care. Speeding ..will leave us and others..bleeding..or worse still..crushed to death!

If you do care for yourself and your loved ones, please drive with care and try your best to hold that temper in check!

If others cut you off on the road, let them go. No point in trying to race with the devils.. for he or she are already hell bent!

We are living in the End Times. Doesn't mean we have to go crazy on the roads.

May we all reach our destinations safely with our loved ones.



Anak Perelih said...

driving too slow can also leaves others bleeding too .... as they want to overtake a car driving at 40km/h... In rural areas, there are a lot of very old cars drive too slow... thanks to our automobile policy which ,made our car very expensive... and unaffordable to people in rural areas...

syahir said...