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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Petronas East West Link ~ The Inconvenient Disservice Station ~ Sayonara!

I have been patient for quite some time with this Petronas Service Station's very poor service located at the Cheras Kajang East West Link just after the Metramac 50 sens toll plaza heading towards the Federal Highway.

This station is staffed with both local Malaysians and Bangladeshi foreign workers.

The station's convenience store has two entrance glass doors. The nearest  door is on the right and is the usual entrance most of us motorists use.

Now and then, the Bangladeshi workers would lock the door inconveniencing those of us motorists who would have to walk all the way to the entrance on the left.

When asked as to the reasons why they have locked up the right door, they would just grin and say ' Saja Bos!' ' Sini masuk juga!' meaning just use this door.

I have protested about this stupidity to the Bangladeshi cashier many times yet to no avail.

The grinning idiots and the equally nonplussed local Malay workers would just turn a deaf ear to our complaints. 

Many other customers have equally voiced out their unhappiness but it seems to be pointless speaking to those whose ears must truly be deaf to our protests!

I have decided not to patronize this Petronas station anymore. I used to fuel up twice a week here spending RM50 everytime on petrol.

Petronas East West Link has today lost a regular customer!

If this is the kind of disservice that this station has to offer, then I am stopping myself from today in being their customer.

The Shell service station next to it has better attentive service staff ~ even though they be Bangladeshis as well.

At least I feel more appreciated.

So to the owners of this Petronas East West Link, all I can say to you is 'Sayonara' and condolences on losing another customer due to your lazy ass employees who are as it seems deaf, dumb and blind to your customer's wishes.

Why don't you just wall up that door since it is so inconvenient for your lazy ass staff?

Now, I know why most Malaysians prefer to fill up at other foreign owned service stations?

Their service and standards are so much more better than yours! 

* I managed to speak to the owner via the number printed on the job vacancy notice. He said that maybe the staff were handling cash movement at that time and thus had locked the glass door for safety.

I told him that when I was there this morning, there was no such transactions going on. The Malay female staff were just relaxing and the Bangladeshi cashier just doing his thing whilst another was standing besides the remaining left glass door entrance.

I told him that I had been filling up at the station at least twice a week and spending RM50 every time on fuel. I had also been buying foodstuff etcetera from the store but I have been inconvenienced like this several times already since the last couple of weeks.

No valid reason given for locking the glass door except that they are lazy ass employees and just want to have it easy for them in limiting entrance to just one door.

I'm taking my business next door! Shell Service Station where the staff have better service attitude and are much more efficient!

Well this is it! Sayonara Petronas East West Link!

1 comment:

Andreas said...

Sense of déjà vu.

At Petronas Sri Saujana 3 months ago:

I just wanted to fill my tank and of course I didn't know how much would fit in.
Usually one give a sign to the cashier and everything works fine.
But not at this gas station.
An intellectual lightweight arrived after what felt like an eternity at my car while I was waiting desperately for the response of the cashier.
He told me that I would have to pay before I could fill the tank up.


''What shall I pay? How am I supposed to know how much will fit in?'' I asked.
''Go give RM100 to the cashier and after refueling you gonna get the differential amount back.'' He answered.

Shall I walk to the cashier twice?

I said that he should do with the fuel nozzle whatever him pleases and drove to another gas station.

Same Petronas, unfortunately the closest gas station to my house, last week:

Same problem, same numskull, same absurd suggestion.
But this time I was in hurry and became angry and loud.
Probably because a lot of other customers were attentively looking forward for a good show he surrendered and I could fill up.

Last year I had the same problem at Petronas Kota Tinggi.

I never ever had such experiences at Shell, or Esso, or or or .