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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sai Baba has Indian Muslims as his followers? What kind of Muslims are these?

A picture speaks a thousand words they say and this photo here speaks volumes!

I have always wondered about the kind of Aqeedah these so called Indian Muslims in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India have what with their praying to this and that shrine, auliya this, auliya that, this dargah and that dargah, hero worshiping any out of the ordinary fella who goes around conning the gullibles with their many tricks of the trade and schemes that would make even David Blaine go blushing with embarrassment?

To see these motley crowd of said to be Sai Baba devotees from amongst those who are seen here sporting skull caps identifying them as 'Muslims' is actually quite disturbing.

What do'a are these zalimuns praying for? These are the so called 'alims' who in actuality are 'zalims'!

What bloody hell kind of aqeedah do these fellows profess?

Which Islamic principle or guideline are these 'shirk' practicing clueless in Kerala or where the hell ever 'pseudo Muslims' adopting?

Truly deviated from the straight path of Al Islam are these chaps! They say that there are over 120 million 'Muslims' in India.

To me, if these are the kind that the majority of them are made up of, they might as well not be who they claim to be!

Really! There is no point in having these millions of uninformed, ignorant masses of people passing off as Muslims but ending up praying to and worshiping a creation of Allah Azza Wa Jalla as a 'god'?

What kind of 'Muslims' are these dimwits?


Verily what Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam foretold a thousand four hundred over years ago has come to manifest itself in the form of these ignorant masses who form a major part of the foam upon the ocean waves which the Blessed Prophet described the latter day Muslims to be as?

So many in numbers but the level of their Iman and Aqeedah is so suspect. 

So weak and totally deviated from the straight path of Islam that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has bequeathed upon us, the ummah of Muhammad al Mustafa in these Akhirul Zaman!

I sincerely hope that these dimwits wake the hell up and repent with all their hearts for if they fail to do so, will find themselves keeping company with the ones who face the Wrath of Rabbul Alamin for committing Shirk against Allah by worshiping one of His Makhluk!!!

Those of you who may be Muslims in India reading this article, please share this site with those whom you know are caught in this major sin of associating a makhluk with Rabbul Alamin!

Who knows?

You might still be able to save them from Narr al Jahannam!

Insya Allah.

The magazine sums it all up nicely here

'The Man who was 'God?' dies.

God dies???

Go figure!!!

Sometimes one can just go stir crazy looking at all these weirdos putting up a bloody drama of being Muslims this and that and yet being worse than attested Kaffirs!

There are many kinds of these pseudo Muslims in the world but I guess, India is where they have set up their headquarters. Remember Shirk Khan? :P

He could be their Chifusan. Really takes the cake!

Watch this.

Gone case bayya!!! Period.

To his diehard fans > Sai Baba (deceased) please check out what this site has to share?

You might just be 'enlightened'. :)


Mohamed Firdaus Shajahan said...

all happens with ignorance of ilm...
why he marry hindu women?..they are not ahlul kitab

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother Firdaus.

The Malays have a saying,' Bodoh tak boleh di ajar ; Sombong tak boleh ditegor!'

To those of you who don't understand Malay, it means ' Stupid but can't be taught ; Arrogant ~ can't be advised!'

That's Shirk Khan for you in a nutshell.

He's nuts! :P

adidas said...

Saya ingin berkongsi petikan sebuah ceramah Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. Ceritanya begini...Seorang paderi @ ketua kristian berdebat dengan imam @ maulana mengenai Allah dan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w...

Paderi : Di mana nabi kamu Muhammad sekarang?

Maulana : Muhammad di Syurga dengan Allah s.w.t

Paderi : Bagi tahu saya sekarang di mana Muhammad semasa cucunya husin di bunuh dalam pertempuran karbalah?

Maulana : Dia masih lagi di dalam syurga bersama Allah s.w.t

Paderi : Baiklah, jika Muhammad bersama Allah, tidakkah dia meminta pertolongan Allah s.w.t ketika cucunya Husin di bunuh di karbala? (Sambil menghentak2 kaki meminta maulana menjawab).

(Maulana diam seketika dan dia menjawab).

Maulana : Ya dia ada minta (sebenarnya Nabi Muhammad tidak minta pertolongan Allah).

Paderi : Apa Allah cakap? (Sambil menghentak2 kaki lagi)

Maulana : Allah menangis...

Paderi : APA? Allah MENANGIS? (Dengan nada yang amat terkejut)...

Maulana : Allah berkata aku tidak dapat menyelamatkan anak aku "Jesus" bagaimana aku dapat menyelamatkan cucu kamu Husin...

Dengan itu debat itu berakhir dengan tamparan yang amat hebat ke atas paderi tersebut.

Rujukan :