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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Akhirul Zaman ~ These End Times ~ Dealing with Devils in Disguise

"Allahumma inna nas aluka salamatan fid diin, wal afiyatan fil jasad, waziyadatan fil ilmi, wabarakatan fir rizqi, wataubatan qablal maut, warahmatan indal maut, wamaghfiratan ba'dal maut!"
"O Allah, our God, indeed we appeal to You to protect us in our religion and grant us our physical health, enhance our knowledge and bless us with bounties, give us a chance to repent before we die and bless us while we are about to die and forgive us after we die!"

Such are one of the numerous prayers that has been taught to us by our beloved Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam. 

By praying to Allahu Ta'ala, our Lord Most High, we establish a spiritual connection between our inner self and our Creator, Who Knows us best.

In these Akhirul Zaman @ End Times, we will be and are being bombarded by tests that were not experienced by people who lived way before us.

We are assailed continuously by news and views that if presented to those who lived centuries before us would be deemed to be nothing but sorcery and magic.

For me as a Muslim Blogger, life has been very challenging especially when dealing with the trials and tribulations that I face daily in my life.

Trying to earn a living whilst dealing with blinkered ones can at times be quite exasperating. One faces insurmountable emotional, mental and spiritual obstacles dealing with those who have vested interests and afraid to incur the wrath of those whom can be said to be the so called 'powers that be'.

For a true Muslim, the only power that he or she really, truly needs to be subservient to is Allahu Rabbi.

The Almighty, Most Powerful of all.

We, who are mere mortals have no basis to think that we are this or that! We are so insignificant.

Who gives a rat's ass as to whether one is a king or a commoner?

The minute we have our soul's taken away from these mortal bodies of us, our bodies start to rot and putrefy.

Our remains starts to decompose and we will all be eaten by the maggots that will swarm all over and do an 'Alam Flora' on us.


Earth to earth, dust to dust!

The Malaikats Munkar and Naqir Alaihis Salam won't give a hoot about us having been this or that, learned academic or what the hell ever?

First thing that they will ask is 'Ma Rabbuka?' Who's your Lord?

They won't bother to ask as to whether you are a bloody professor or just a plain simpleton?

They won't care as to whether you have your entire office wall plastered with your worldly achievements in whatever field you have wasted your life upon!

All that they would care is to whether you are a Mukmin or otherwise?

In these Akhirul Zaman, there are too many bloated up dumbos pretending to be so high and mighty.

No one gives a shit as to who one claims to be or thinks as to who he or she is?

Am I not stating the whole truth and nothing but the truth here?

There are multitudes of plain dimwits who think that they are so very precious to this earth that if they are not around, the whole world is gonna stop and search for their sorry ass self!

Err..I'm sorry but we have better things to do.

Like what, you might ask me?

Well, like maybe realizing that no matter who the hell or what we think we are, we are but just a speck of dust, currently existing in human form by the Grace and Mercy of Almighty, All Powerful Allahu Ta'ala.

As long as we are alive here, do tread upon the Earth with humbleness and humility.

Not go around thinking that the world gives a shit as to who we think we are?

Some choose to hurt others without considering the implications of such actions by spewing out their venom egoistically.

There are a couple of Malay pantun that describes this clearly:

Lebah bukan sebarang lebah,
         Lebah bersarang berisi madu,
Lidah bukan sebarang lidah,
        Lidah orang bagai sembilu.

Lebah bukan sebarang lebah,
         Lebah berduyun membuat sarang,
Lidah bukan sebarang lebah,
        Lidah beracun dilaknat orang!

Lain datang lain buahnya,
       Buah masam di sambal orang,
Lain orang lain lidahnya,
      Lidah tajam dibedal orang!

What these pantun's infer to are the way some loose tongues can inflict hurt and wound the hearts and minds of others?

There are so many evil ones out there who think that they can get away with insulting others by belittling people as this or that without considering the implications of their nasty words!

For those of us who are Muslims, it is imperative to always remain humble and watch our tongues.

It's so easy to hurt others but so hard to cure! Think before you talk! Be kind not cruel! Don't be so damn egoistic! You are nothing but a mere mortal just like others! Be human.

If you fail to be that, then you are nothing but just a bloody devil in disguise!

For all the worldly trappings and grandeur one imagines one possesses, it will all come to nothing when Izrail Alaihis Salam comes to rip one's soul out from one's sorry ass self when one's time is up!!!

And that's a fact! Dare anyone deny it?


Md Radzi Ahmad said...

Salam Mahaguru, Allah Says:

Allāh said: “And your Lord would not have destroyed the cities due to injustice while their people were reformers. And if your Lord had willed, He could have made mankind one nation; but they will not cease to differ. Except whom your Lord has given mercy, and for that He created them; But the word of your Lord is to be fulfilled that: “I will surely fill Hell with jinn and men all together.” [Hood: 117-119]

While in a Hadith reported by ‘Amir ibn Sa‘ad, from his father [Says]: One day, the Messenger of Allāh (Sallallāhu 'alaihi wa sallam) went to ‘Aliya, until he made a stop at the Masjid of Banu Mu‘awiyah. He made two rak’at of Solat and we followed him. He then supplicated to the Lord lengthily and then turned to us and said:

“I asked my Lord for three things. He granted me two [of them] and denied me one. I asked my Lord that He does not destroy my nation by famine and He granted that to me. I asked him that He does not destroy my nation by flood and He granted that to me. I then asked Him that he does place infighting among them and He denied me.”

[Imām Muslim]


MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam my brother Md Radzi

Verily you have related the truth! If only there were more Mukmins like your dear self, life will be much more better for all of us?

Problem is that there are so many syaitans and iblees putting up an act of being so high and mighty whilst forgetting that the sands of time in each sorry ass mortal's hourglass is slowly and gradually trickling away!

There's no doubt that these devils in disguise will soon meet their Maker and when they do, they will get their comeuppance!