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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Da'wah in Hyde Park by Abdur Raheem Greene UK's # 1 Da'ee of Allah!

Prepare to be shocked! Prepare to be rocked to your very soul! This is Abdur Raheem Greene at his best!

He socks it to you with no punches pulled! He knocks you out with his straight to the jugular arguments and points based on the facts.

Based on the truth! The Truth of Islam!

Dare anyone heckle him, the main man of the Central Mosque in London!

Here he is preaching to the people at Hyde Park, London, England!!!

He has the tenacity of more than hundreds if not thousands of righteous, knowledgeable men who have gone out in the Way of Allah!

May Allah bless Syeikh Abdur Raheem Greene for the wonderful work he is doing over there in England and all over the world sharing the Truth of Islam as it is enjoined in our faith from Allah!

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!


SangGuna said...

Do you think that the ulamak in our country will do the same as the Syeikh ARG did?.
may Allah bless us.
Amin ya rabbal alamin

MAHAGURU58 said...

I seriously doubt that there are any so called ulamaks in Malaysia who can even measure up to even 5% of what Syeikh Abdur Raheem Green does at Hyde Park, London!

Dataran Merdeka is open 24/7. Has anyone so called ulamak ever tried to do a Dakwah Walkabout there or anywhere in KL?

I don't think so.