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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu - US President Barack Obama Pow Wow

What can we conclude from this get together of Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama Jr.?

Nothing much for it has always been the same ever since America brokered the confiscation of Palestinian lands with Britain and shipped off their Jewish population from both countries to the stolen lands of the Palestinian Arabs.

Israel exists today because of the American and British treachery in displacing the Palestinians from their homeland.

Barack Obama has proven that he is just another American President who has no choice but to kiss the Zionist Israeli's butt if he wants to remain as the President of the United States of America.

He has solved nothing to bring about any real change over there in Israeli occupied Palestine.

Benjamin Netanyahu is another ruthless and brutal Zionist Israeli regime's terrorist leader who will not budge from occupying Palestine till Kingdom Come!

Palestinians are doomed to suffer forever because the so called Muslim leaders masquerading as the Organization of Islamic Countries are just weak and corrupt spineless morons who do not have the courage or the moral integrity to even speak up or save the Palestinian refugees.

Egypt, supposedly free of the Mubarak regime, refused berthing permission for a Malaysian vessel which was carrying provisions and supplies for the occupied suffering Gazan Palestinians for fear of Israeli attacks.

Syria is busy killing its own people and many other Arab regimes are doing the same upon their citizens who are sick and tired of being oppressed and trodden upon by their presidents, sheikhs, emirs and what the hell ever?

The conclusion of the pow wow shown in the video here only shows to prove that Israel and America are one and the same.

Each won't survive without the other. Palestinians on the other hand are a people whose lands were taken away from them and they have no one to save them from total annihilation by the Zionist Israeli terrorists.

The UN as I have always labelled them to be are Useless Nincompoops.

Their declarations and condemnations against the ruthless Israeli occupation means absolutely nothing to the Zionist Jews!

Barack Obama Jr once again proves that he lied to the Muslim world about bringing 'Change' for once.

The only change he'll bring is some loose change for the suffering Muslims whilst he looks for ways and ruses to suck out precious oil from the Muslim nations that America continues to occupy and loot in the name of freedom.

Freedom to rob and pillage as America and its Tel Aviv masters wish!

Palestinians have no real champions amongst the world's countries.

All will just observe the carnage and genocide of the true owners of the lands which Israel has continued to rob and occupy from the 1940s as they damn well please.

Who dares to wage war against them?


Barack Obama will stoop as low as he can to appease his Zionists masters.

Thats a fact!


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