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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Malaysian Muslims stricken by the 'Mimosa Pudica' syndrome?

That's what one would deduce if one is to believe that Muslims here in Malaysia need to be constantly protected and shielded from whatever challenges that comes their way from any quarters?

Some would probably come up with the argument that its easy for someone like me to dismiss off the alarm that is being raised from Muslim NGO's such as PEMBELA stating that Islam is under siege here in Malaysia because of my firm commitment to our Islamic faith.

Could it be that PEMBELA are just concerned about the apparent lack of zeal and enthusiasm on the part of the religious authorities especially the Keepers of the Islamic Faith here in Bolehland to stand up and speak out when there have been various attempts to deride the religion and in fact ongoing cases where some quarters especially the Catholic Church here in this nation filing suits insisting that they be allowed to use blessed and sacred name of 'Allah' as their Trinitarian concept of 'God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Ghost'!

I mean, who else is there to speak up for the Muslims here of Malaysia when the very Malay Sultans who are supposed to be solely responsible for ensuring that no one tampers with the tenets of the faith chose to remain mum about all these challenges save for HRH The Sultan of Selangor who came up with a royal decree forbidding any such usage of the sacred name of Allah for any other beliefs except Islam?

For that, I gather that Malaysia's Muslims ought to thank and appreciate Tuanku Sharafuddin Shah's steadfastness in seeing to it that no one goes against HRH's wishes in Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

No other Sultan has been quite as vocal in expressing what most Muslims here feel about the case with the church's peculiar wish to claim Allah as their 3 in 1 Trinitarian Godhood but refuse to worship Him Alone as is the moral and righteous thing to do?

Are PEMBELA raising a false alarm about Islam being under seige here?

Not quite. They may have their points in feeling so. 

Looking at the sorry state of ignorance that seems to plague many of our youngsters and even some elderly folks in the country.

Frankly speaking, I have my reservations against broadly sweeping the entire Malay community with the same ol accusing brush that most of them are weak and lousy Muslims in general, unable to differentiate and tell the difference between fact or fiction, real or imagined gods?

The reality is that it is true that today's Malaysian Muslims despite the abundance of relevant Islamic information being made available to us in all ways and forms through both the printed media and online web portals, blogs, etcetera are at times oblivious to such available resources and yet tend to go about life clueless about their own true faith and go on adopting lifestyles that have no resemblance at all to those who are practicing Muslims.

So are PEMBELA right in ringing the alarm bells about Islam being under siege here in Bolehland?

I'm 50-50 on that.

I'd want to believe that the Muslims here in Malaysia have rock solid imans @ faith.

In actuality, many possess only skin deep knowledge about what Islam is all about. Some in fact are absolutely clueless about what this and that tenet of Islam is about as they waste away precious time that Almighty Allah has blessed them with and end up amongst those who squandered away the golden moments of their existence here on Earth.

On the other hand, we also have those who are so obsessed and fixated about the affairs of the Hereafter that they willingly choose to forsake their portions of whatever Allah the Almighty Has Showered them with here in this life.

Those are the Squanderer's.

They squander away their youth by destroying their chances at contributing positively for the society and our nation by choosing to give up on society and lead a reclusive life away from all the challenges that arises by living amongst others in our Malaysian society.

PEMBELA's clarion call ought to arouse those who are in a limbo about what their roles are in ensuring that we don't end up winning the proverbial political battles on paper but actually end up losing our stakes here in Mamluk Al Malaisie per se.

Yes, its true that PEMBELA's concern won't go down well with those who aren't exactly true believers in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala but at the end of the day why the hell should we even bother to listen to their endless griping?

We won't be facing these sourpusses in the Yaum al Barzakh, will we?

Who cares about what any bloody kaffir thinks?

As long as we don't trespass into their affairs save for raising to the occasion when whatever infringes into our own, we should all just take heed of what Surah Al Kafirun has to share with us in ways to deal with them!

Just double up our efforts in sharing the Truth of Islam with our young Muslimin and Muslimat and go all out in spreading Al Islam to those whose hearts and minds are seeking for it.

Those who are distracted by the temptations of the hedonistic life out there today in these Akhirul Zaman @ End Times know not of the dangers of their following such wasteful pursuits.

Callers to Islam such as PEMBELA and other Dakwah groups ought to coordinate their efforts and go on joint ventures on the Way of Ar Rahman.

Insya Allah, such alarming calls such as what we perceive now will soon be a thing of the past for it is true that islam came forth as a stranger and has now returned as the same.

Those in whose hearts burst forth with the yearning of Iman will embrace their birthright to be Muslims with the best of their intentions and shine brilliantly as in the likes of a number of notable born again Muslims whom we have in the Muslim Bloggers Alliance blogroll here.

Cikgu Nur Aliya Yeoh is a bright young mother who has quite a following of both new brothers and sisters to Islam and also from those who are born Muslims. 

So do many other exemplary Muslim bloggers who are doing a wonderful job of sharing relevant info about Islam and helping people discover the awesome power of prayer and salvation only found in the true Way of Life that Allah the Most Merciful Has Blessed us with in Islam.

So, if there are those who accuse Muslims here in Malaysia of being stricken with the 'Mimosa Pudica' syndrome ~ ' Touch Me Not ', can we blame PEMBELA for trying to prevent further damage rather than attempt a cure when the disease of 'Tidak Apathy' ravages impressionable minds that have yet to mature or understand what this life is really all about or just let our future generations go to hell joining the sniveling Laknatullah's out there screwing up their life's and wishing our brethren to join them in Narr al Jahannam later?

Thanks but no thanks! 

The dogs will bark till kingdom come but should we even bother?

Carry on Brother Yusri Mohamad. It is Him that one should be concerned about ..not anonymous cybersnipers and shitstirrers who'd rather see PEMBELA shrivel up in a corner and just disappear...or die!

Let the kafiruns dream on...


ahong said...

Assalamualaikum Mahaguru,

I think we really need to get to the roots of the problem. It started because lack of the 'correct' education.

Muslims or Islam is under siege or threaten and protection/shield are required because they had lived their lives all this while thinking they are Muslims rather than trying to learn to be one.

Some born Muslims still think they are Muslims simply because they are born as one. Can 'born as one' can even be taken as a reason to believe in Allah SWT.

Most Muslims in Malaysia did not start off strengthening aqidah and tawhid. Most starts off by being obsessed with fiqh issues. Example of these is when new converts are not taught about tawhid first, they were asked to solat 5 times a day first. When issues such as Christians using the word 'Allah' arise, we basically became defensive because we are not ready.

These are just my views as a revert. I could be wrong.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother,

You are absolutely right, my man! Born 'Muslims' get Islam ' free of charge' and most of them don't know how to appreciate their inherited faith.

Guys like you have to struggle like hell to be able to practice what you have come to believe.

So those buggers who call them Muslims but live like Kaffirs just don't know the value of Iman or know what the heck is Tauhid?

Its sickening but thats the truth and reality of all those who are Muslims 'in name only'.

Then we have some smart alec's who declare themselves as being 'knowledgeable in Islam' by reading certain books and translations' and have the gall or cheek to come out and issue 'edicts' or 'online fatwa's' which are more often their own cockeyed opinions about Islamic matters.

These 'scholars' of Islam as I Say' tion (borrowing a phrase made popular by one such chappie) come opinionating about important matters and expect us to swallow what bull they spew hook, line and sinker!

No wonder, Islam or for the matter the so called Muslims of today are so screwed up and just a joke to be toyed by the Kuffars and Hypocrites of the world.

You sir are a better servant of Allah than many of those who got Islam for free.

May Allah bless you.


Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.