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Sunday, May 08, 2011

PEMBELA Extremists??? Surely those accusing them as such are nuts!!!

Those anonymous cybersniping buffoons you find proliferating at Malaysiakini accusing PEMBELA as extremists are idiots who know nuts about the outstanding personalities fronting the Islamic NGO's umbrella organization known as such.

I know personally each righteous Muslim leader heading his own organization and I can vouch for their personal integrity, selflessness and leadership capabilities in bringing about a better Muslim society albeit through their own groups and associations.

Dr.Yusri Mohamad
Labeling Dr.Yusri Mohamad as this or that contrary to his true personality is the work of uneducated, ignorant cowards who are blinkered fools incapable of differentiating between the chaff and the grains.

What can we expect from a bunch of fanatics who refuse to study in depth about whatever issues that PEMBELA raises due to their bias and open agenda in badmouthing and belittling Islam and Muslims here in Malaysia?

Given the recent terms of weak leadership that we have seen ruling this nation since Mahathir resigned his premiership, those who had been toeing the line and biding their time in fear of official reprisals if they breached the social and religious norms that had been keeping this multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation together have now decided to show their true colors and have started to rock the boat so to speak.

Dr.Yusri Mohamad (R) with former JAKIM Director General Dato Wan Muhammad
Dr.Yusri Mohamad is a gentle, soft spoken very down to earth Muslim. He does not have any airs about him and he is on record of being a very easy to approach leader. 

This was apparent during his presidency of ABIM, the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade where he took part in many forums and discussions involving inter-faith matters. 

If he is truly an extremist as alleged by the Malaysiakini cybersnipers, would he have bothered to sit together with liberals and hypocrites who were there at the post Lina Joy forum at the DAP organized Hotel Armada, PJ event?

Malaysians especially those from amongst the Non Muslims reading Malaysiakini and its like must not be quick to draw any such conclusions about anyone just because certain web portals tend to raise an alarm and spin tales to please their paymasters. 

We must all learn to study in depth and check out any such volatile news or views for they might just turn out to be nothing but hot air being blown by those who wouldn't think twice about incinerating innocent hearts and minds purely for their own twisted political and religious agenda!

In these End Times, there is always the tendency to turn some saints into sinners and vice versa!

Dr.Yusri Mohamad is a good guy and I can vouch for him anytime!

Its those cybersniping cowards at Malaysiakini who are spawns of the devil we all need to watch out for!


Aku Peduli Apa @ APA said...

Salam Mahaguru58.

Memang begitulah..bila ada je Melayu buka mulut menegur dan mempertahankan dituduh rasis dan ekstrimis.

Sebab tu APA tak kuasa nak cakap byk2.Tunggu jadi je..agar kerja tak siap 42thn sudah kita siapkan dengan sempurna kali ini.

Biar setiap keturunan mereka termasuk Melayu Liberal penderhaka faham betapa masih ada yang membela agama dibumi bertuah ini.


Bosan said...

Malang sekali tuduhan itu juga datang dari puak yang satu lagi. mereka tetap mengikut rentak yang dimainkan oleh kaum bukan melayu.

Kadang-kadang saya berfikir apakah perkara yang boleh buat kita orang melayu islam ini bersatu. Tak tahu lah sama ada boleh bersatu atau tidak. Word bersatu itu juga satu perkataan yang cukup fobia untuk diperkatakan.

ahong said...


Walaupun saya tidak bersetuju dengan PEMBELA (kaedah), saya sama sekali tidak bersetuju mereka ini dilabel sebagai ekstrimis. Malah saya sanggup mempertahankan PEMBELA kerana mereka berikhtiar berbuat sesuatu berbanding mereka yang memanggil diri mereka Muslim dan berdiam tidak berbuat apa-apa selain menghukum seperti Ahbash.

Mereka yang suka melabel ini membuat masalah kepada umat Islam.

manfrommachap said...

Honestly speaking, I am truly unsure of whether the allegation that the position of Islam in Malaysia is being severely threatened is true or is this all a political gimmick by some political adherents who is simply making a mountain out of a mole. As a rational person, I really have to make an assessment of whether this forum is a sincere agenda or is this just another mischievous gimmick to politically assassinate a political party/ies for the benefit of another political party. With the current embarrassing episode of the display of the munafiqhs at work, one is always in doubt and with PEMBELA as its organizer, with such coincidence and such timing, can one really eradicate one’s suspicion?
PEMBELA might be citing the Lina Joy’s case, the” Allah “ issue, the Malay language bible or they can even cite the smallest of events and happening like the display of the Christian crosses at christian missionary schools , wearing of Santa’s red caps before Christmas or the Poco Poco dance ; just to cause an uproar within the Muslim community but when there are suspicion as to how the mean will justify the end, the forum is already doomed to be a failure even before it even took notice; let alone when it was actually took place.
As a Muslim and as a layman, I can only derive at one conclusion from the reason behind the unholy event that is cited and the objective of the forum, if ever it was sincere and that is ; we , the Muslims , fears much of Christian proselytization.
Does the religion of Islam need to be defended? My contention is that it does not; as Islam is a complete religion and thus need not be defended. What needs to be defended is the faith of its followers which is always fragile and can be easily ruptured. A simple blind love, for instance, as the case of Lina Joy and Aishah Bukhari is enough to turn these poor souls into infidels of Islam. Not that these poor souls has a craving passion for Christianity but it just so that the man that they are in love with, coincidently, are Christians. They would have been Buddhist, officially or unofficially, if the men are followers of Buddha.
But should we be so overwhelmed by our fragility to the extent of making a fool of ourselves and worst; a mockery of this beautiful religion of Islam. It is bad enough that our Islamic faith has to be defended because of our fragility, it’s even worse that Islam, which never need not be defended, now needs to be defended not from the Christians but rather from the Muslims themselves.

manfrommachap said...

We are so overly frantic by our fragility so much so that the Christians now, do not need to proselytize Christianity to the Muslims. The mockery the Muslims are making out of themselves and to Islam , in due course of frantically ushering themselves out of this fragility , is sufficient enough to set the proselytization mode into self drive and is working effectively to draw Muslims into name only Muslims , the least and into Christianity, at most. Even the non Muslims non Christians are drawn into Christianity thanks to the foolishness of the Muslims themselves.
One of the beauty of Islam is that, Islam has devised an effective mechanism of spreading the teachings of Islam to its followers. The non cessation of submission to Allah through its compulsory daily prayers and all the disciplines that are attached to this rituals strengthens one’s faith in Islam , individually . The sermons preached to the Muslim every Friday for the compulsory Friday congregation further strengthens the faith within the community. The congregation of Muslims through the performance of the Haj, strengthens the faith universally. Hence Islam, in itself has that built in mechanism to ensure that its followers faith remain intact. The only essence that needs to be added into this mechanism, especially on the Friday sermons is to educate the congregation of why we are Muslims and not other religion.
I had an opportunity to hear a sermon in a Friday congregation which had put a lot of impact over my view on Christianity. The sermon given by the imam , was not the routine, predictable and monotonous text but it was about the flaws in the bible. First , the imam had pointed out about the various version of the bibles and why this had come about. He had even named all the bibles to the surprise of his audience. He literally read verses from several of the bibles which shows clear contradictions and it was like we were in a church instead of a mosque but the imam had generously pointed out that the bibles, in whatever version are not revelation from a divine source but rather verses that are source from a third party who are nothing more than quotes from mere mortals. He substantiated this by reading from the bible which clearly states ”According to Luke” , “ According to Mathew” “According to John” and the imam had also pointed out that the people are not even apostles or personal companion of Jesus Christ.
The audience who , normally would drool during the ordinary plain sermon , is now all excited and aroused. The imam had even gave insights to the gospel of Saint Barnabas , a gospel which is denied by the Christians in spite of Saint Barnabus first hand account with Jesus and that the gospel had shown immense similarity to the teachings of Islam.

manfrommachap said...

I must say that it was a thrilling sermon and a very fulfilling experience and I had wished that the Muslim should be more exposed to the falsehood of the man made bible. The best platform to be educated on these would be from the imam during Friday congregation. With this, do we then need those foolish demonstrations which only serve to pacify emotions but denigrate Islam