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Saturday, May 21, 2011

PLUS Highway Auto Breakdown Workshop Scam! GS Automobil Enterprise..

Dear fellow Malaysians especially those of you who are motorists,
I received an email which I am reproducing below from a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police who has asked my help in alerting the general public of this auto breakdown repair scam by a workshop using the trade name of GS Automobil Enterprise. 
I called the number given at the end of the email and spoke to a Peter Ooi who confirmed that the report is genuine and that his friend Alvin is the victim of the workshop named. He gave me the mobile number of Alvin (0167732920) and I called his number only to get a voicemail in Mandarin and Alvin failing to answer my call. 
Update (7.01pm) : Alvin just called me and confirmed that this is a real case. The GS Automobil Enterprise workshop has tried to bleed him with a RM7000 bill! The scamming workshop has caused him to replace his car engine entirely and according to Alvin many other unsuspecting motorists have also fallen prey to this cheating workshop!!!
Anyway, since Peter Ooi himself has confirmed that this report is real, I am sharing it here with you, my fellow readers and fellow Malaysian motorists.
I almost fell victim to a similar scam recently when my car had an aircon breakdown while traveling back to KL from Melaka. There was a Chinese mechanic going around the Seremban R&R heading towards KL, offering his auto repair services.
He came around to ask if I needed help when he saw me looking at my car engine with the bonnet up?
Told him that my Proton Wira aircon wasn't working despite the radiator meter level showing normal and no apparent problem. He took a look at the radiator water level and claimed that there was a blockage in it. He offered to take apart the radiator and clear the blockage and solve the problem for RM120!
Luckily for me, I had called my mechanic at KL and told him of my car's problem. He told me to bring the car back to his workshop for him to check so I didn't take up the Seremban R&R unauthorized roving mechanic and refused his 'help'.
When I reached KL later and brought my car to the workshop, it turned out that the problem was because my aircon fan belt had simply worn out. No other problems. Since my mechanic had just serviced our car a couple of days ago, he replaced the aircon belt for free since the service warranty covered such a problem. Thank God that I didn't fall prey to the scamming mechanic.
Now, I am more alert and aware of such scammers out there who cheat, lie and in fact endanger our lives by giving shoddy repair work or replace our auto parts with non genuine items that will cause us to be involved in auto breakdowns or even get us killed when involved in any accidents due to faulty auto parts!
The following is a true incident where Alvin suffered an auto breakdown along the PLUS highway near Seremban, Negri Sembilan and got scammed to the tune of RM3K over with his car damaged purposely!
Date: Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:50 PM
Dear all (especially for those who travels a lot with PLUS North-South Highway),

This is a true event! It happened to my friend, Alvin.

Alvin came all the way from JB to Selayang, KL, on a business trip. At about 12:30am, 29/4/2011, his Toyota was over-heated, he then parked at the emergency lane (KM269.9) before Seremban exit, North-South Highway. Planning to let the engine cool down, add water to the water tank and slowly drive to KL, he took his rest for a while...

A while later, a tow truck arrived to offer a helping hand. The driver is an Indian wearing a Chinese workshop jacket, estimated the towing fees and rough costing to repair the over-heating engine for about less than RM200. Both agreed, the car was towed to a workshop in Mambau. Seremban. 


Yup, it's GS Automobil Enterprise !!! 
Operated by a bunch of Indian. (I don't mean that all Indians are like them, I have lots of good Indian friends too.) There, the workshop boss quoted Alvin for about RM300 plus. Then he asked his workers to start dismantling the engine to inspect the gasket. He then told Alvin to come back the next day to get the car. Without any choice, Alvin left the workshop to look for a hotel nearby... 

The next day, Alvin went back there to see the progress... there he waited, waited waited... started to worry, at that moment, there was a mid-age Chinese guy with his family seemed waiting for there car too. They started to find out that things are not right and the later went to the police station nearby to make a police report and came back to claim the car. He was charged RM2,800.00 for also a simple engine over-heating problem! And Alvin's bill is RM3,939 !!! 

After everything was settled, he left Seremban heading back to KL... 

Half way through, he had to stop at the emergency lane again because the engine was HOT again!!! Slowly he moved, stopped to cool it down, drove another few km... and so on until he reached KL. Here, the mechanic did a complete check to find out that the engine was completely doomed because "someone" purposely did something to the engine to kill it after sometime... OMG. That is so evil!!! 

After digging through some blogs, it seems this workshop is actually very infamous! There were many many cases with this GS Automobil Enterprise!!! What??? Is there any police in that area? Are they blind? Deaf? or dead? ... or they are some sort of "partners"??? You be the judge. 

FYI, GS Automobil Enterprise is located at:
No. 4, Jalan Helang 1,
Taman Industri Ringan Mambau,
70300 Seremban
H/P : 012-264 1993 / 010-244 1701 / 016-9960 396 

Alvin made a police report and he went to the Hal Ehwal Pengguna Malaysia to further complain and hope that they will take action towards these bunch of devils. 


Peter Ooi
016-217 6688 


Wan Sharif said...

Alhamdulillah for sharing.. ramai yang enggan menerima service yang ditawarkan oleh hantu hantu tu kerana cerita sebegini.. tetapi oleh kerana terdesak kekadang jadi terpaksa lah pulak

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Wan,

Actually I think its high time that PLUS upgrades its service to us the Malaysian motorists using the highways by setting up auto service stations besides every R&R and lay bys along the highways from north to south of the peninsular.

The way things are being allowed to be just invites unscrupulous scammers like the workshop in question to cheat and rob the highway users like us.

Daddy Cool said...

Agreed with you...

Thanks for sharing...