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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Virtual Hajj - Now you get to practice going on Hajj first on cyberspace

Yesterday, in the course of my work, I came to meet Encik Mohd Fazidin Jabar, the Chief Technology Officer of Halimunan Kreatif Sdn Bhd who shared with me about his latest project ~ Virtual Haj.

Frankly speaking, I think this is a splendid idea and can really help many of us who have yet to step foot on the sacred holy grounds of the holiest spot on Earth to perform our Hajj and maybe preceded with an Umrah trip?

Technology when properly utilized such as proven in this manner can be a major positive contribution to the betterment of our human lives here in this life.

Sadly, there are some idiots out there who go on and abuse such technological advancements by resorting to be sick sordid pimps and voyeurs.

I for one would like to express my heartfelt congratulations and felicitations to Encik Mohd Fazidin Jabar or 'Azid Barja' as he prefers to call himself especially on Facebook for this wonderful virtual product.

Muslims all over the world can put this virtual Haj software to good use once it is ready for sale in the cyber market and in the real world marketing systems.

You are most welcome to check him out at his blog here.

Encik Azid works at MMU, the Multimedia University.  He can be reached via his email here.

He also showed me another innovative software that would be quite handy for those who are interior designers, architects, contractors and builders. Ask him about it. 

I guess this is enough free publicity for the guy. :P

All the best to you Azid. 

Go make us proud!

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azid barja said...

Thanks Mahaguru58. I appreciate your work. For visitors to Virtual Hsj blog, please participate in our online survey on the right column. Your participation will help us make Virtual Haj better!.