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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boonaa Mohammed ~ Canadian Muslim Poet, Writer, Spoken Word Performer

Boonaa Mohammed, a 23 year old Canadian born Muslim poet and writer, is an articulate spoken word performer who is fast gaining worldwide recognition for his excellent work in spreading the Message of Islam in his own special way.

I like the way he expresses himself and the way he just lets flow of all that comes rushing to his head. I am sure that many of his listeners start to reflect and think about the message about Islam and its heroes.

My heroes never wore tights or appeared on cartoon channels,
They had long beards and kept clothes above the ankles,
No combing the streets, like beasts at night looking for thieves, 
My heroes fought their egos, and narrated Ahadith!

And some of my heroes were once bad guys too
Baby killers and highway robbers, if you only knew what they knew

Cause you gotta know a lie in order to recognize the truth 
And what the point of knowing truth if you can't back it up with proof?

So to prove my heroes were united by a single point of view
Why else would they choose to go against what their fathers used to do?

Unless they knew, that paradise was worth being abused 
The best of views, if only you could walk a mile in their shoes,

Oh what I wouldn't do to kick it with Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood,
Listen to him recite the Quran, sad to go into ruku'

Yeah that would be cool, but me and Hamza, we would kick it old school
Joke about the Jahilliya, silly things they used to do

If I could pick my own crew, Salman Al Farisi would have to be in it,
An honest seeker of truth, may Allah bless his spirit,

Have Tea with Julaibi, cookies with Anas Ibn Malik 
Anything to pick their brains and gain a better understanding 

Could you imagine taking a class with Abdullah Ibn Abbas?
A scholar by the age of 10, just a boy amongst the men

And if I had one friend, it would be Abu Bakar as Siddique
Someone to hold you down and to really represent,

When Sumayya held her chin to her killers, did she think? 
We would name our little girls after her to teach them strength

And who cares about these rappers, we got Hassan Ibn Thabit,
Dude was sick with the flow, can't believe you didn't know,

That Zaid was a slave who became one of praise 
Lived the American dream, when America was Cree

Umar Bin Khattab was a G, held it down for this deen 
A real superman, made the devils cross the street 

And if I ever had beef, I would call up Khalid Bin Walid
He was a ride or die homie, amongst the Salaf as Saliheen,

And if I just close my eyes, man, I could almost see 
Bilal amongst the cold morning breeze, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

Cause surely salah is much better than sleep 
Like Abu Sufyan after he embraced the deen

On this earth Talha, was a walking shaheed
And Ja'afar gave his life for our Ummahs victory

May Allah be pleased and grant them all the highest levels of heaven 
Like Uthman ibn Affan, who even the angels were shy in front of

Aisha was a genius, every word was like a thesis
Mother to all believers, pure like that of Isa's

Khadija held the fetus of Fatima, who was the teacher
Of Hassan and Hussein, sons of Ali who were slain

Man you gotta know these names, cause these people paved the way
It's a shame, we know more about them monkeys on BET

This is our history, all the sacrifices that they made for me
Gave to me, a legacy that I could be proud to keep

Said: Be! It was decreed, that at Badr we were only 300 deep
But with the angels on our side, who could even compete?

Although he was a man of peace who preached speech before the sword
He raged a war against error, the worship of fake Lords

Came to restore the deen that Ibrahim laid before 
Extreme in his need to feed miskeen and the poor

Yeah, he was hardcore with his face to the floor
Off praying so long that his feet became sore

Uhhhh, yeah he got down like that

And told all the rich they should pay the zakat 
And make the salah, and spread the salaam

And declare Ashdu-la-ilah, Ha-il-allah
a Rasulullah, Sallau alaihi Wassallam

Like the mailman just delivering a message
Was the difference between Jannah and Jahannam

Who else do you know with a swagger that's blessed?
The best and perfected, corrected the method

Madina state of mind, coming from the hood of Mecca 
Champion companions, homeboys were go-getters

Did it bigger and better, had followers before Twitter 

The leader of leaders, amir to believers 
Enjoined all the good and forbade all the evil

My hero taught people that we were all equal
The best of examples outlined what is legal

Forever I'm grateful for all that he came for
May blessings and peace always reach to my mentor 

My teacher, my brother, my hero, my prophet 
Muhammed, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam

And that's how it goes, so tell everyone you know
That this party don't stop till the son of Mary come home

I am pleased with my Lord and Islam as my deen,
May we die on these words, Allahuma, Ameen!

© Boonaa Mohammed - 2011 

Green Card
We are the children of hope,
Folks came here floating on a big plane or small boat
From the banana republics and rainforest cafes
Save up their little pay just to see some better days.

I am the first.
Born into this system I navigate with ease,
For my parents sake I will survive by any means
Even if that means Physics, bio, calculus and chemistry
These boring subjects encompass their every single dream
At 15 I translate between the judge and the jury
My teacher says I'm doing bad, I tell my dad not to worry,
Plus I can't translate all the hate that she gives me,
Racist curriculum I'm not dumb and don't need your pity.

Maniacs rule your cities while geniuses drive your cabs 
And I have to work twice as hard for every single thing that I've had
Selling from my stash, trying to make that quick and easy cash
Dead end jobs that can leave you dead on the job

Poverty is like love, it makes you do some crazy things
Like using a fake gun to stick up the stick up kids
Babylon system leaving no options
Get rich or die trying either that or just dying 
So instead we work, and we work and we work for jerks
Bosses who don't see people but see profits
And not the holy kind, I'm talking dollar signs
And I begin to see why poverty like love is blind.

Or maybe just colour blind?
A tiny inconvenient truth about labour groups
And the masses of the working classes,
But some people say that race doesn't even exist.
Tell that to the tress still soar from hanging lynches.
But during this day and age,
We have fresh new waves of semi-paid slaves,
Willing to work for less than our minimal wage
And these foreigners don't understand these foreign concepts
Thought they were Canadian, but slowly dismissed that nonsense
And I hate to say it, but, this is it
This is your land of dreams
Where you can still live 3rd world in a first world country

Love has cupid and poverty has stupid
This is a place where we can grow up to learn nothing about ourselves
A place where they insist that sex should sell
A place where we should want the things we definitely do not need
A place where your kids can become addicted to alcohol and weed
And I bet they didn't tell you this on your immigration application
Because sadly this may still be better than your former location
So if you won't say it, than I guess I'll have to say it for you
Besides I'm used to translating your dreams and hopes too.

Aside from on America's most wanted, we are not wanted, here
Because my colour and last name still spark fear,
The same kind that can easily become violent,
And you can't be protected by studying science,
Because even our nerds aren't good enough for them,
I was born here and I'm screwed, but you have an accent,
You get the same respect as fat kids in gym class,
First to get cut and always picked last
But don't get mad, because you're doing the best that you can
And I love you because you were not afraid to take a chance
So the next time someone tells you to go back to where you came from
Tell them we should all go back, and finally let the natives have some fun,
In Solidarity.

Sometimes, we come across these gems amongst the Muslims of the world. Its important that we recognize them and give them our support and tell them that they are doing right.

We may be hundreds and thousands of miles apart but through the internet, we are just an email away from these young heroes of the ummah.

To Boonaa Mohammed,
All the best to you, young man.

Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam would be pleased with you.

Insya Allah.

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