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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life after reaching 50+ here in Malaysia. What we can do? Suggestions...

Most 50+ folks whom I meet are often engrossed in the political upheavals of the country and they seem to be oblivious to the other more important aspects of celebrating the remaining moments of their lives.

Living here in Malaysia, one is often overwhelmed with the way the country is being frequently rocked by needless and often unwarranted controversial issues based on ethnic and religious related political schemings provoked usually by the instigating opposition followed by the knee jerk reactions or responses of the ruling governments loudmouthed parliamentarians.

How many of us really contemplate the possibility that we might just go bust in the next few seconds?

I am not being morbid here but just trying to be a realist.

Life is so unpredictable. 

My son called me yesterday to inquire about my state of health because he had a dream that I had passed on and wanted to know how his old man was doing?

I told him that I'm doing fine and if he had bothered to check my blog would have found out that his 52+ father is now into mountain biking and taking care of my general health!

There are just so many things much more precious to me than to waste my time on keeping up with the way our self-centered scheming politicians are always making unnecessary noise about this and that without really contributing to the improvement of our Malaysian lives in general.

Hannah Teo &  Husband Ramachandran Muniandy
Only the other day we had to read about a DAP politician @ Hannah Teo wanting to register her Chindian baby under the 'Anak Malaysia' category and making a media circus out of it!

Many have now suggested that to be able to register a child under that 'Anak Malaysia' category, she would have to be gang raped by almost each and every ethnic member of our Malaysian society. Talk about having Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Orang Asli, Iban, Kadazan, etcetera blood flowing in such a multi-ethnic conceived child? Hehehehe...absolutely preposterous!!!

Absurd as it may sound, such arguments are valid for just a union between a Chinese like her and her Indian husband definitely doesn't qualify their child to be registered as such?

The term 'Chindian' has always been there since we had many of these inter-marriages take place between those who are Chinese and Indians here in our country.

Why not just go for that and not bother us with such unwarranted demands?

If there is a category for the most nuisance causing political party in the Malaysian Book of Records, I guess the DAP have a very good chance at it?

What has the DAP contributed to the nation, if I may ask apart from making a mountain out of every unnecessary molehill of a myriad of blown out of proportions needless issues over there in our Malaysian Parliament and various State Assemblies?

Damn! Here I go again distracted by the likes of Kit Siang and his gang of rabblerousers!

I'm so itchy to quote Nik Aziz's verbal tirade of 'Celaka! Celaka! Celaka!' against them but I'd leave that kind of rant to the PAS's Supremo. He's proven to be more suited spewing forth such vile remarks. Not for me, thank you. :)

Back to my contention that 50+ Malaysians ought to spend their time on better more well meaning and productive pursuits.

Apart from cycling, senior citizens of Malaysia would do well to indulge in more appropriate activities like spending their spare time in sharing their life experiences with the youngsters and engaging them in more nation building efforts.

We could have more volunteers at the tourist attraction areas such as the Masjid Negara, Masjid Jamek Bandaraya and also Masjid Putra at Putrajaya where there are hundreds and thousands of tourists and visitors thronging such places.

The more experienced senior citizens who can speak and converse in various languages would be an asset to such places and they will stand a chance to spread truthful information about Islam to the visitors.
We could also have our elders volunteer at the museums, libraries and social community centers. Provisions can be made to provide some finances to help them meet their expenses and maybe even let them enjoy some perks in the form of special privileges in using public transportation for free. After all, there aren't that many of such well meaning people in our society, are there?

We have more than our fair share of kiasu kings and queens out there making a nuisance of themselves. Its time we help change those upstarts to be better citizens by channeling their outbursts to more well deserving exploits.
After all, isn't that better than to just drop dead whilst engaging in some God forsaken activity where one's reputation can be sullied if dying whilst being in some not so honorable areas? God forbid!

1 comment:

melayuangkat said...

Assalamualaium Sir,

Alhamdulillah, syukur to Allah the almighty for his blessings of good life and health to you.

I am going to be 54 this September InsyaAllah and Alhamdulillah, I treasure every breath I take and Thank our creator for his blessings. Sure life is not perfect, being a married woman for over 33 years I have now some health problems which I consider 'normal' that come with age.

I am also thankful I am Malaysian. I love my country as I grow up with it since 1957. I am seen how it transform and the changes that the country and the rakyat have gone through.

It is sad that whatever efforts the government take seem not right in the eye of the oppositions. They teach the rakyat to be ungrateful and rebellious for no apparent conrete and solid reason. Every little issue possible will use as the ground to point to the weakness of the government. While they themselves have not anything for the country.
You dont have to go to Harvard to know that any child born in this world take after his or her father's ethnic group. But no, even this must be the 'fault' of the specifically Malaysian government that the child cannot be 'racily or ethnically' a new one.

The Malaysian goverment is not perfect, no one is and I think its time that the Oppositions too think the same, every move they make should be for the sake of the country and the rakyat too and not for their own mileage only. Most important they are not perfect too no matter how religously attired.

Our country Alhamdulillah now is in a good standing, we should ALL work hard at maintaining it not to destroy it.

As to the standard pondering as to what can a 50+ Malaysian do? OOOOO!! There are just too much to do. I am now pursuing my MA while at the same time attending a weekly Tafsir class. I am at the stage of writing my dissertation while at the same time there are just plenty of family obligations!!

I wish I have 48 hours a day! I love my life, I thank ALlah swt for all his blessings!! WaAllahuAlam.