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Friday, June 17, 2011

Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran questioned by Mahaguru58 about...(updated)

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I had been waiting for such an opportunity to question Malaysiakini's CEO Premesh Chandran about the way Malaysiakini has been constantly publishing and reporting mainly all the negative news and views about Malaysia all these years for quite some time and today, such a moment presented itself before me at the closing session of the World Bloggers Summit at the PWTC!

It seemed like dejavu all over again for me and it reminded me of how I felt when I was there before the mic eager to challenge Karpal Singh way back in 1999 at the Forum Keadilan, Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang?

Only difference was that here I was at the concluding segment of the 2nd World Bloggers and Social Media Summit standing before the mic asking Mr.Premesh Chandran as to why Malaysiakini seems to be hellbent on publishing and highlighting only all the negative issues about our country?

Source : Malaysiakini
Myself showing Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran my article on Khir Toyo where I ask Khir Toyo to compensate his fellow Muslim for shortchanging the man by buying the property way much lower than the prevailing marketprice! 

I referred Khir Toyo in my article to Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 2 Verse 188 where Allah the Almighty warns us : "And do not consume one another's wealth unjustly or send it [in bribery] to the rulers in order that [they might aid] you [to] consume a portion of the wealth of the people in sin, while you know [it is unlawful]."

You wanna accuse me of being an UMNO blogger???

Hehehehe...get your facts right! I am a Muslim Blogger.

No matter who commits an injustice against anyone , as long as I shall be able to blog, I'll take the culprit to task! No matter who the hell they are?

Whether a king or a commoner or just what the hell ever???
Mahaguru58 pointing out his article on Khir Toyo showing that he is impartial when blogging 
All these 4 photos were taken by Tuan Haji Maarof Kassim using my Nikon D5000.

Such negative reporting by the online portal all these years has definitely caused foreigners to have a distorted idea about our country giving rise to unfounded accusations and lopsided opinions about our nation.

I also raised my objections to Malaysiakini allowing anonymous commenters posting all kinds of offensive and insulting remarks against our nation's multi ethnic, multi faithed people (and particularly against Islam)!

Mr. Premesh responded that Malaysiakini does not moderate such comments as they have already laid down conditions that its subscribers have to adhere to and that if any of their subscribers breach any of the conditions where comments containing offensive and insulting responses will be removed and the subscription terminated.

As for the matter of them reporting as such, he said that actually there are other media especially those of the mainstream who are publishing worse damaging reports and articles. 

He also said that Malaysiakini is well aware of the consequences of false reporting and that they are always in danger of having action taken against them by the powers that be if they report anything that isn't true and that they report on matters as it is.

I can only conclude that no matter what I say or protest against the way Malaysiakini has been portraying the situation here in Malaysia to be to the outside world, Malaysiakini's CEO and its editorial staff will remain as they are! * Refer to their response here and here.

Dr. Norshinah Kamarudin also asked her questions to Mr.Premesh but I was busy trying to get my laptop working for the power in the battery was running out and I wasn't able to focus my attention to what she was asking?

Whatever it is, I got my chance to let Premesh Chandran know my feelings about the way I see Malaysiakini sort of being a major contributor to the way negativity seems to currently pit Malaysians against their fellow citizens by giving those like the organisers of the proposed BERSIH 2.0 protest exposure through their media portal.

I expressed my fears and concern about the consequences of such protests causing our fellow Malaysians getting hurt and the shedding of bloodshed?

In a way, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to voice out my dissatisfaction's directly to Malaysiakini's CEO. At least he knows how this particular blogger feels?

I was glad to know that it was not only myself not being happy with the way Malaysiakini was reporting such negative news all these while for the audience made up of bloggers from many countries applauded.


I had many of them come up to me later and thank me for voicing what many of they themselves had been not happy with Malaysiakini...

At the end of the day, it is important for me that I was able to relay to Premesh what I had been keeping in my heart all these while.

That's all that matters. Malaysiakini must not just be a 'Bad News Brown' media portal.

It should be reporting not only on what's negative as it sees things according to its views but also highlight and celebrate the wonderful aspects of our home country to the whole wide world.

Surely those who choose to blinker themselves with only wanting to scrutinize and highlight the bad can opt to choose in highlighting whats good as well?

Take a look as to how these anonymous Malaysiakini cubersnipers respond:

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Dove Zainol please use ur brain(if u hv one) to comment not ur bloody ass! I will sponsor the tatoo for u and make sure no one snatches ur rotting body when u die. Y not go to a church and tell those christians that they are getting out of hand..! They will pray for ur forgiveness and bless u instead of cursing! It's idiots like u who cant think or accept peace and harmony keep passing defamatory comments to stir the racial tensions. If I ever see u anywhere in public I'll make sure I stitch ur stinking mouth and tear it apart again b4 I stitch it again......Mahaguru foot....!
17 minutes ago · Report
Tuah PJ Mahaguru58 suggested that non-Muslims be tattooed on the chest or forehead to avoid body-snatching cases.... And later he says it is a joke!!!!! Psychologist will tell you that the 1st statement is actually what the writer actually feels. The 2nd statement that "it is a joke' is just a cover-up. Mahaguru58 ... how about tattoing all muslims persons so that their bodies are not snatched by non-muslims as what is happening nowadays; not the other way around. Tattoing is haram for muslims but you feel it is alright for non-muslims. What is not good for the goose is also not good for the gender. Dont talk down to non muslims like they are animals. When you do that, you have proven to be one. And you give a bad image of muslims. Taubat lah. Jangan angkuh. Wassalam.
an hour ago · Report

Lonestar In this world it is not possible to please everyone. As long as we are on the path of truth, we should just plod on. And what's wrong with being Anonymous. Being anonymous is also being human and Anonymous can also be on the path of truth. And if Anonymous is right, all can claim credit for it. Go figure this out, Mahaguru58.
3 hours ago · Report

I would like to challenge that anonymous coward calling his chicken shit self as Dove to come and try doing what he threatens me with?

A nameless bastard issuing threats! Hello you anonymous tweep! You have just proven my point!

Cowards of no feather flock together at Malaysiakini where unpatriotic ingrates besmear the nation and fellow Malaysians hiding behind the freedom of speech bullshit!

Our Malaysian Minister of information, Communications and Culture summed it up quite well when he reminded attending international bloggers at the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 that 'your freedom ends where the tip of my nose begins'.

Frankly speaking, I don't think anonymous chicken shitheads over at Malaysiakini would have the grey matter to figure that out...or have the gonads to speak the same in front of the general public!



I've been following your blog....and found it's certainly very interesting...more substance issues highlighted convincingly.
Keep it up



way to go tuan! keep it up!

Supar Yop said...

Congratulation Mahaguru for speaking up against Malaysia kini.. I hope you get some more bullets to bash them up next time. I dont deny some true facts ,non -political issues being raised up exp IPP, Corruption. But the dark side of this website is always making blatant comments on race ( in particular to the malays) and religion ( in particular to Islam).It seems that they can just shoot out any comments blindly without any filtration. I am also as same concern with you that uncontrolled , synical racist and smack of religion may lead to another May 13 blood shed again.And the CEO Premesh excuse that Mkini does not not moderate such comments are baseless and acceptable. It goes like saying " if they send those message and tomorrow people take it to the street, what to do?"IS a very irresponsible statement indeed. Govt shud just shut doen this website. Wish Hishamuddin is more man enough to do it instead of only sending verbal warning only

sufee said...

Salam tuan,

kalau you kata you muslim blogger kenapa tak tegur media arus perdana yg dok menfitnah, membohong dan membodek setip hari sampai budak2 sekolah pun dah mula terikut2?? Ini lagi jihad besar. Memang cara you ni cenderung pd umeno/bn, it cuts across the globe, org tak sekolah pun boleh faham apa yg tersurat dan tersirat drp tulisan you.

Jgn jadi hipo nanti ayat2 suci yg you post, makan tuan.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam sufee,

Sebelum u nak tembak pun, buatlah 'homework' sikit, baca dari alif sampai ya sebelum melatah tuduh saya tak tibai media perdana!

U dah baca habis belum blog saya ni?

Saya baru je belasah yakpursalam kat malaysiakini sbb takde telor nk dedah identiti tapi sembang deraih.

Sekali 'uncle' check id u ....kuang ..kuang..kuang..kuang...sama saja syeikh!

Come on bro, u ada pendapat yg bernas, keluar lah dedah diri, tak payah nak selindung.

Bersama sama kita bermujahadah melawan musuh musuh Allah!

Insya Allah. :)

I pegang pada prinsip 'berani kerana benar' kalau tidak takkan I sandarkan hujjah hujjah I pada Ayat ayat suci Al Quran dan Hadith Rasul!

I tak hairan dgn cybersniper bro.

Just cowards who don't hv the balls to speak straight up as a true gentleman!

Seriously wishing that u r not as them.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam brothers,

Thank you for understanding my stand and for your support to my mujahadah online and offline.

As I expected, Malaysiakini has responded by reporting lopsidedly about my 'attacking' them and accusing me of siding with the powers that be?

Wake UP! said...

Malaysiakini I think is a CIA tool to create havoc in Malaysia. All those in Malaysiakini are communists and ultra racist.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wake Up! I totally support your points bro!

Problem is that most others are still sleeping unlike u!

Power to u my man!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tuan Halim,

Budi tuan saya hargai. Terimakasih diatas sokongan.

Bersamalah kita menegakkan yang hak dan memerangi musuh musuh Islam dan negara!

Insya Allah!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Supar Yop!

Terimakasih diatas sokongan tuan!

Bermujahadah lah kita bersama sama memerangi puak puak musuh Islam dan negara tercinta kita ini!

Teruskan mengirim maklumbalas anda. Yang mana molek disiarkan, Insya Allah akan saya terbitkan.

Kalau boleh bahasa komen biar yang boleh lepas penapisan! :D

Supar Yop said...

I would like to give Sufee a piece of my mind. Hello Tuan Sufee,kalau u think Mahaguru is cenderung to UMNO, then what about you? I know for sure that the whole batalion of PAS & PKR are aligned to Malaysiakini. That goes without saying!
You tak ada rase apa2 ke when fired , ridiculed,synically commented about orang melayu and Islam, the way they comment about Allah! People like Khalid Samad gets tons of compliments from Mkini, why? Because he propagate the name of Allah to the non - muslims.Ini kah yang awak suka sangat? Dan sebelum you tuduh Mahaguru is a hipocrate with the ayat Quran, why dont you blasted itu Tok Guru Hadi? For 30 years he has been causing the splitting of muslims with his amanat Hadi , now he is making an about turn with his "tiada negara Islam dalam Quran" latest amanat.
You shud preach the ayat suci to da'awah the DAP racist to convert to muslims.Instead you taught them how to use certain surah and blasted UMNO in their ceramahs. Now you create clone Ustaz macam Nga Kor Min and clone Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz mcm Lim GUan Eng.Let me ask you berapa orang DAP dah masuk Islam sejak you berbaik dgn mereka? nak bagi mereka faham Islam , konon.You are making it worse. Now PAS had better drop the Islamic tag since aligning with DAP.PAS may as well dissolved and become a beholden muslim wing under DAP.