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Friday, June 24, 2011

Muslim Trial Run for 30 days - Dave Stacey of America tries it out!

A provocative experiment by Morgan Spurlock to film a practicing Christian pork eating, beer drinking All American white church going guy who agrees to try out a 30 day stint living life as a Muslim in America.

After agreeing to adorn Muslim attire and go through the usual hassles that a Muslim has to go through in Islamophobic America, Dave Stacey gets an immediate hostile reception when he goes through the airport. For the first time in his life, he gets stopped by airport security, is frisked thoroughly, gets the magnetic wand treatment, asked to remove his shoes and his luggage fine combed by the suspicious airport security.

Things that most Muslims go through almost every day throughout the American cities and other parts of the Western world suspicious of anybody who is a Muslim, looks like one and dresses as one opens up Dave to the realities that Muslims have to suffer day to day for the rest of their life's?

I think this documentary is an eye opener for those who wish to know how it must be for Muslims in different countries and as for Dave, in America itself?

I'm sure that such a trial period will definitely open up Dave to a roller coaster up and downs moments that will sure rock his own faith to its very core.

I'm gonna be checking up on what Dave went through and what he ended up as after the 30 days were over?

I'm as excited to know the ultimate end of his story just like you. Gotta run now but will be happy to get feedback from those of you who get to watch this video to its very end. Keep me updated. Thanks. Peace be to you folks!



Nin said...

This is actually appeared in 2005.
Refer this link for updates in 2008 - 4 years after the original show.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thanks Nin.

Anyone else having links to videos showing Dave Stacey's situation now, kindly share such info with us here.

Thanks once again.

Peace be with you all!

Supar Yop said...

Anwar dah berpuloh kali pegi US jumpa lanun2 Yahudi, kissin their asses, talk about pruralism, tak terfikir ke nak perjuang nasib orang Islam sana? Fear to offend the jewish kut?