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Monday, June 13, 2011

Never give up on life! Keep trying your level best no matter what comes!

This life is fraught with all kinds of challenges, obstacles and hurdles. No matter what anyone does to us, despite the envy, hatred and evil that some do to us, we must never give up on ourselves!

The world is what we make of it? 

The second we think that we can't do no better is the deciding factor that robs us of an impending success.

Do you know about how a hand operated deep ground well water pump works?

You need to keep on pumping using your hand till the water rises from way down beneath the earth and flows out through the spout.

The moment you stop pumping, the ground water drops back into the earth because there is no more suction pressure that was pulling it up.

Same concept of what life throws at us?

The moment we throw in the towel, the match is lost.

Never give up!

Once we do, we are just as good as dead. Make a difference. Keep fighting to improve our lot!

Insya Allah, we shall prevail!

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