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Monday, June 13, 2011

Snakes & Ladders game of our Malaysian politics

When rising politicians suddenly get cut down from their high standings and return to what they once were, I can't help but equate their circumstances to a very popular childhood pastime that is known as the Snake & Ladders game.

If we are to look at how many of those who once made the headlines of our newspapers due to their prominence in Malaysian politics, we can see the similarities of how top politicians are now reduced to being mere has been's or the also ran's?

People who once held court and ruled like roosters are now ignored as a new cock crows its best from a high perch.

Those who once languished at the bottom of the heap are now high up in the rungs of political power on both sides of the political field because their turn came and they got pushed up the proverbial political ladder. 

Take the case of the new PAS Deputy President, Hj Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu as he is popularly known. 

From being out there in the political wilderness, he is today being celebrated and given accolades as the next generation to lead PAS and achieve what the old school missed out? 

Even he himself never dreamed that he will eventually reach such a pinnacle in his years of struggling as a grassroots leader in the PAS political party.

Such are the trials and tribulations of those who choose to enter politics. They win some and lose some. Its the name of the game. 

Only thing they need to watch out for are the venomous snakes out there ever ready to bite and sink their fangs unto them and cause them to slide all the way down back to the starting point.

The recent PAS Central Committee shakeup displayed exactly what I am referring to here?
Dato Dr Hassan Ali, who was once seen as a rising star in PAS and well known for his oratory skills is today no longer the PAS Selangor State Commissioner. He has been bit by the proverbial political snake in the former Islamic party and back to square one.
YB Dr. Hj. Abd. Rani Osman, the PAS State Assemblyman for Meru, Klang has now been appointed to replace Dato Dr Hassan Ali and has shot up the political ladder in PAS Selangor as the new PAS Selangor State Commissioner.

Same game goes on in UMNO and the rest of the Malaysian political parties.

The biggest Snake & Ladders game will soon be played out in the coming 13th General Elections.

The question now is who gets to climb up the ladders to Putrajaya and who's gonna get stung and slide down to the bottom this time around?

Whilst the opposing politicians hiss and strike out at one another in the Malaysian political cess pit, we the citizens ought to tread with care and not end up as another victim of the slithering, sliding ones out there.

Have you got your anti-venom ready? :)


MymassaVoice said...

former islamic party...good one Mahaguru!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Well, they have changed their objectives to pursue a welfare state now hence my considering them so..:)

Read : The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (Malay: Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) (Jawi: ڤرتي اسلام س-مليسيا) commonly known as PAS or Pas, is an Islamist political party in Malaysia and is currently headed by Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

PAS positions itself as a political party that aims to establish Malaysia as a country based on Islamic legal theory derived from the primary sources of Islam, the Quran, Sunnah as well as Hadiths, as opposed to Barisan Nasional's Islam Hadhari, which PAS sees as based on a watered-down understanding of Islam.[1]

Source :

Since their mission is no longer so, I guess that it's just right to use the word ' former' to describe them.

Based on facts not hearsay or conclusions.

Maarof said...

Mario Puzo must had made a lot thought before coining the words "Politics and crime, they are the same".

MAHAGURU58 said...

Tuan Haji,

As usual, your feedback is always appreciated.

BTW, please check your email and get back to me a.s.a.p.

Thank you.