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Thursday, June 16, 2011

World Bloggers Social Media Summit 2011 - My Events Sdn Bhd were simply outstanding!!!

The Minister, The Chairman and the Media Adviser
I have been to many blogger related events and seminars since I started blogging way back in 2006. Some were great, some just so and so due to the kind of event management companies organizing them ; and maybe due to the financial constraints of those who handled such occasions before.

Today's 2nd World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 held at the Dewan Tun Ismail at the Putra World Trade Center here in Kuala Lumpur was just nothing but an outstanding job by My Events Sdn Bhd who had some of the nicest people I have met and had the pleasure to deal with so far.
Dato Seri Rais applauding, Dato Sohaimi reading and Dato Ibrahim Tiger looking at me. :P
First there was a Miss Ainnur who was simply a wonderful person, who handled the registration of our MBA delegation in the best professional and courteous manner. She is the one to the extreme left. A professional event manageress.

Then there was a Miss Sumitra who was equally a splendid person to deal with.

Its good to know that there are such quality Malaysians around, who were very well mannered and handled the summit's participants and delegates in a way that can just be described as first world standard. 

I'm glad to have come into contact with such splendid people today after having almost given up on the idea that Malaysians can actually be on par with the best there is in the world.

Great job ladies! Keep up the good work! You made this blogger believe that there is still much hope for Malaysia with quality citizens like your dear self's around. 

Ribuan Terimakasih! Thank you so much! :)

I was also happy to finally get to meet Tuan Haji Maarof Kassim, a fellow MBA member who travelled by KTM Komuter all the way from Seremban to attend the summit today.

It felt good to finally meet him in person. We have come to befriend each other online for a couple of years now and we have mutual respect for each other's views and perspectives on social-political and religious issues.

Another MBA member who managed to make time to attend the summit was Dr.Norshinah Kamarudin, a medical doctor attached to the Prince Court Hospital. Dr. Norshinah is an ardent blogger and quite an active emailer who always keeps me up to date with the latest news and views worth sharing. Thanks Doc!

To be continued..


Michael Yip said...

It was nice meeting you at the Summit.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hi there Mike.

Pleased to meet you too. I wish you all the best in your photography.

Till we meet again in other blogger meetings, take care my friend.

Peace be with you bro. :)