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Sunday, July 10, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 ~ Mahaguru58's Message to the World from Malaysia!

Well, today was the day everyone here in KL were anticipating. 9th of July 2011.

As a Malaysian Blogger, I just had to be there in person, capturing the protest in both videos and photos. I don't like to rely on what others have uploaded or published. Nothing beats being there ourselves and capturing it all on our own cameras. Originality! It still rocks!

I was a bit worried when it started raining around noon approaching the time where the BERSIH 2.0 protest organizers had been saying that they will launch their street protests, no matter what? 2pm.

I prepared my equipment and packed my backpack. After settling zohor, I rode my mountain bike towards KL. 53 year old guy huffing and puffing his way towards where the action is?

The roads were practically empty due to the roadblocks set up by the police. I for one think that our men in blue did a damn terrific good job in controlling traffic coming in to the nation's capital city.

I reached the first roadblock on Jalan Loke Yew where traffic was being channeled away to the exit heading towards Jalan Chan Sow Lin. I rode up to the policeman manning the roadblock, introduced myself and asked for his permission to ride through to cover the event.

He made a comment about me being in blue and nodded me through the roadblock! I thanked him and cycled on heading towards the city! Once in a while cops would pass me on their high powered motorbikes and a few of them glanced at me as they passed and nodded. must have struck them odd to see an old guy with white beard riding on with determination!

I reached the area near Jalan Maharajalela opposite the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall where I saw quite a number of people gathered at the roadside looking across to where the crowd was getting noisier and chanting their 'BERSIH' battlecry with gusto!

As I was busy shooting the entire scene with my Nikon 620 digital compact camera, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a familiar face. One of my fellow bloggers and one of the topmost socio-political blogger at that!

After exchanging our salams and enquiring about what each other has covered so far, I asked Blogger X to hold my camera as I spoke about what I was witnessing before me?

He sportingly obliged me and after shooting a short commentary with him acting as my impromptu cameraman, we bid each other goodbye and proceeded to cover the protest as we had to?

I rode across the road to where the thick of the protest action was going on? There were Malaysians from all walks of life present. Compact digital cameras were practically in most protesters hands, recording the momentous occasion amid sporadic chants of 'Reformasi' being cried out by the mainly Opposition supporters.

This was the road heading towards Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara. The entrance was barb wired and blocked by a phalanx of Royal Malaysian Police officers who were standing 3 layers thick.

Behind them were FRU trucks and an array of riot vehicles. I made my way through the gathered crowd of protesters and shot a video catching them in action and managed to get several responses from them.

Instead of shying away from the camera, many of them made their way in front of me and made the peace sign or simply uttered their war cry ' BERSIH! BERSIH!' etc. Now, isn't this a sign that Malaysians are practically free to express themselves? 

I will be uploading more videos and photos after this initial first report in a series on the BERSIH 2.0 protest which took place today after this.

Insya Allah!


House PK said...

Salam Mahaguru, very well explained! Good job

Ular Menyusur Akar said...

UMA kagum. Antara blog yang pandangannya UMA hargai.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro.

As expected, the ones supportive of the protests won't like to hear what we think for their minds are set to only adulate and glorify their chosen false prophets!

To each their own. We just need to speak our mind and what we witness before us to show the world the truth about the matter.

Allah knows us best.

Keep to the truth and the rest will just follow through.

Thanks for your support.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum UMA!

Terimakasih di atas sokongan saudara.

Bersamalah kita melaporkan secara saksama didalam usaha kita sebagai penulis blog demi negara!

Majulah bloggers untuk negara!

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

ondastreet said...

Satu lagi produksi "illegal" Mahaguru.. hehehe..

Anyway, Good job.

Since you were there, can you tell me how many were non-malays during the rally, please?

This is because someone in my blog saying all races were united at the rally yesterday. Can you tell me as how many actually you can see, please.

Thank you.

Have a nice day!

~ OnDaStreet

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam ondastreet.

Tak best lah pakai istilah 'illegal' tu! :P

Kamera Mamu punya. Usaha Mamu sendiri. Takde unsur penjualan untuk sebarang keuntungan wang ringgit!

Tak daftar lagi sebab tak rasa ada perlu. No commercial interests.

Just purely a blogger's initiative to share the truth with my readers.

Mamu sedang menyiapkan video 'BERSIH 2.0 THE MOVIE'.

Tengoklah nanti bila dimuatnaikkan.

Orang orang Cina Malaysia boleh dikatakan turun 10%. India 5%.

Warga asing @ pelancung ada beberapa orang.

Yang lain Melayu.

Mamak ~ Mamu sorang!

Haris Ibrahim ada kat situ!

ondastreet said...

mamu jangan marah noo, ceq usik ja..

hmm.. that means only relatively only 20% non-malays joined the rally.. tidaklah la ramai sangat..

ditambah pula patriot yang rata-rata orang melayu.. tolak lagi a few %...

terima kasih atas input tuan.

~ OnDaStreet

ran03 said...

Terima kasih atas usaha tuan untuk memberi gambaran yang se-adil-adilnya berkenaan BERSIH 2. Saya SEDIH kerana orang-orang Melayu khasnya yang terpedaya dan tidak sedar-sedar bahawa perbuatan mereka menyertai himpunan BERSIH 2 itu sia-sia. Saya AMAT SEDIH lagi kepada pemimpin Melayu dari PAS, PKR dan Patriot yang mengetahui perbuatan BERSIH 2 itu salah dan haram tetapi masih mahu menyokong dan menyertai. Atas perbuatan mereka-mereka ini, telah meletakkan Polis kita dalam keadaan serba salah dalam menjalan tugas-tugas mereka. Apa tidak-nya, Polis kena ikut arahan disamping kena jaga suruhan ugama supaya tidak berkasar sesama manusia. Itu-lah sebabnya kenapa Polis kita sentiasa bertindak berkhemah dalam menjalan tugas sepanjang masa.
Saya harap tuan dapat mengambil inisiatif untuk menyatu padu pimimpin-pemimpin Melayu khasnya dari semua pihak untuk mencari jalan menyatukan bangsa Melayu yang akhirnya umat Islam diMalaysia akan kuat dan teguh. Saya tahu usaha ini bukan mudah tetapi jika tidak diusahakan kita juga yang akan rugi.

melayuangkat said...


Thank you for such an effort to give up what happened from your prespective.