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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chew Hoong Ling ~ A Malaysian Heroine who gave a part of herself literally!

I had heard of this selfless woman who had given away a part of her liver to help a cancer stricken young teenager, 14 year old Lee An Qi, who despite getting 60% of Chew Hoong Ling's healthy liver, failed to survive due to other complications!

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this true life Malaysian heroine in the flesh when we were all together at a dialogue which YB Dato Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil held at the Le Meridien Hotel, KL Sentral with us bloggers and social media practitioners this afternoon.

At first I didn't realize that this was the very same woman who had once caught the attention of the entire nation with her having done something that not that many people have done in the world ~ which is to be a live organ donor!

Hoong Ling with the late 14 yr old Lee An Qi
Hoong Ling had stood up to ask Dato Seri Shahrizat as to why there seems to be segregation in the Malaysian orphanages separating the orphans according to their race and religion?

Later on when the dialogue was over, we got to exchange our contact details and I was interested to learn more about this seemingly quite confident young Chinese lady who spoke in such fluent Malay when she addressed the audience earlier.

After getting to know one another and stayed on for me to do a video interview of her speaking about the subject, I came to learn that this was her, the selfless young Malaysian heroine who had done such a great humanitarian gesture!
Something that I really truly so admire her for her goodheartedness and the way she handled herself so well, so goodnaturedly exchanging pleasantries with each and every member of the dialogue and befriending the blogging fraternity who were present. I'll be sharing some photos and a video interview which I recorded of her later once it is processed.

I was really very impressed and admire Hoong Ling for her courage and kindness. She is truly someone whom all Malaysians can be proud of and deserves to be celebrated for her selflessness. Click here to learn more about this living legend of our nation.

In my heart, she is our heroine. A true Malaysian Srikandi. 

May you be blessed dear Hoong Ling!