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Monday, July 25, 2011

CHRISTIAN TERRORIST massacres 92 innocent civilians in Norway!!!!

That is how the headlines should scream all over the world's major newspapers!!! But do we get to read anything like that? No way jose!

All we get is a lame ass ' Deadly attacks in Norway' without even the exclamation marks!!!

Just imagine the worldwide media condemnation IF the attacker had been a Muslim or an Arab???

Hello!!! All hell would have broken loose and the western media would have had a field day! Hell yeah!

Anders Behring Breivik
the Christian Terrorist

They would have swarmed all over the place and turned the massacre into something of an 9-11 magnitude, interviewing grieving family members, blowing things all out of proportion and practically turned the massacre in Norway as another worldwide Islam bashing explosive news tsunami that would once again unleash the Islamophobic frenzy that would have seen retaliatory attacks on anyone looking Muslim and we will read of some Sikhs getting bashed because they donned turbans, etc!!!

Am I speaking what many are just remotely thinking deep down in the furthermost recesses of their apathetic brains?

In the city centre, chaos was the aftermath of a massive bomb explosion by the same Christian Terrorist!
Still wanna blame the Muslims?
Well, as the motto of this blog goes, 'The truth must be told no matter what so that justice can live!!!'. Call a spade just that and do not beat around the bush!
Christian Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik
The media can be so biased and screwed up when it comes to publishing news and reports where the perpetrators of vicious crimes such as this Norwegian massacre is concerned?

See how the western press never fails to associate 'Al-Qaeda' in such a vicious massacre committed by a Christian terrorist???

What the hell has 'Al-Qaeda' got to do with this brutal massacre admitted by the Christian fanatic mass murderer???

For crying out loud!!! Those damn idiots running THE SUN ought to be sued to Kingdom Come by the Al-Qaeda if they have the guts to come forward but I seriously doubt that such an organization ever will for God Knows if they really exist at all or are just another CIA or Mi6 British concoction?

The Muslim media network are as usual damn slow and so lethargic to respond to this foul attack on the Muslims image because most of the editors of Muslim owned publications are seriously lacking in the mastery of the English language and mired down in their self-induced mental swamps.

No wonder that the Western media get away with character assassinations and insinuations plastering every damn thing unto the Muslims namesake and sorry excuses for murderous organizations hell bent on blowing themselves up in the name of this or that nonsensical call.

I doubt that the bozos running the media channels or stations which are supposed to present the Muslims side of news and views would have the bright sparks able to put up a damn good response to counter Islam bashing media such as the UK's 'The Sun' which has smeared the already soiled reputation of whoever the 'Al-Qaeda' might be?

In the meantime just enjoy the media circus as they go all out to once again lay the blame on the Mozlems......


daceman said...

Salam bro, although I am disappointed that the way they portray Muslim terrorist, we shouldn't be swayed into thinking al-Qaeda as fighting for Islam. Al-Qaeda is infact a front for Mossad operation, this is what the media never shown us before. However, one of the al-Qaeda was exposed to have a Jewish root, maybe you do can do some research on this to enlighten your massive viewers worldwide. Thanks

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro,
I have never thought of the Al-Qaeda as representing us Muslims in general.

All these while, I have detested the use of terror to fight in the cause of Islam. I am all for legitimacy in confronting our enemies, either real or imagined, outward or covert, offline or online for the matter.

Still, the world has sort of been duped into associating Al-Qaeda whether they really exist or are but a CIA created facade with the Muslim population at large.

Thus my speaking out against the insinuation.